Grimbergen Residence by I.S.M. Architects

Located in Grimbergen, Belgium, Grimbergen Residence is a modern single family house designed in 2015 by I.S.M. Architects.

A modern kitchen with an exposed concrete ceiling, wooden cabinetry, and a central island.
Modern kitchen with sleek wood paneling, industrial lighting, and potted plants.
A modern, minimalistic kitchen and hallway with wood paneling and open shelving.
Spacious bedroom with OSB wood paneling, built-in closets, and minimalist furnishings.
Sleek, minimalist bedroom with built-in wardrobe, concrete walls, and hardwood flooring.
A minimalist, concrete hallway with a built-in wooden wardrobe and recessed lighting.
A cozy home office with a sleek desk, shelving, and a long linear light fixture.
Concrete walls framing a minimalist toilet niche with indirect lighting.

About Grimbergen Residence

Welcome to Grimbergen Residence, a sleek expression of modern living designed in 2015 by I.S.M. Architects. Tucked away in Grimbergen, Belgium, this house is a standout example of contemporary design.

Modern Living in Belgium

The heart of the home beats in the kitchen, where clean lines and warm wood cabinets meet. State-of-the-art appliances sit flush against the walls, offering functionality without sacrificing style. The expansive countertop bridges the culinary space and dining area, inviting interaction and engagement.

Beyond the kitchen, the concrete and wood theme continues into a private nook. The bathroom, illuminated by soft lighting, exudes calm. Its minimalist design emphasizes functionality, seamlessly blending with the home’s aesthetic.

Designed for Work and Play

Moving to the workspace, the long, sleek desk spans the room, under a stripe of light that offers clarity without distraction. Shelves line the wall, presenting a perfect mix of storage and display. This room represents a quiet space for creativity and productivity.

Children’s laughter seems to echo in the next room. The playful bedroom with its colorful bedding and unique furnishings provides a canvas for imagination. Here, personal touches give life to the modern design.

Restful Retreat

The master bedroom, spacious and soothing, uses light ingeniously to create a soft, welcoming atmosphere. A long line of wooden cabinets provides ample storage, keeping the space open and uncluttered.

In the heart of the Grimbergen Residence, an elegantly simple corridor serves as the home’s spine, leading residents on a path of architectural beauty. Here, one finds the perfect balance between private havens and shared spaces.

I.S.M. Architects have crafted not just a house, but a cohesive living experience that redefines modern architecture in the charming town of Grimbergen.

Photography courtesy of Orbit

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- by Matt Watts