Attic Apartment in Stockholm

Redesigned in 2014, this beautiful Scandinavian style attic apartment is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bright, open loft-style interior with exposed beams, clean lines, and lush greenery.
Eclectic loft-style interior featuring exposed beams, minimalist kitchen, and cozy living area.
Cozy loft-style kitchen with rustic wooden beams, modern gray cabinetry, and hanging pendant lights.
Open concept kitchen with modern finishes, exposed beams, and a large dining table.
Spacious attic living room with diverse furnishings, warm tones, and geometric patterns.
Cozy attic living room with leather armchairs, glass coffee table, and plush ottomans.
Cozy loft space with rustic beams, plants, and eclectic furnishings.
Rustic loft interior with exposed wooden beams, concrete fireplace, and greenery.
Cozy bedroom with lofted bed, shelving, and eclectic decor elements.
Cozy attic bedroom with slanted ceilings, framed art, and a large bed with colorful bedding.
Spacious bathroom with modern tile work, vanity, and laundry appliances.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a freestanding tub and marble tile walls.
Cozy outdoor rooftop patio with string lights, cushioned furniture, and cityscape view.

About Attic Apartment in Stockholm

An Introduction to Scandinavian Elegance

Stockholm greets us with an Attic Apartment that redefines urban living with its Scandinavian design. Created in 2014, this apartment offers an open, inviting atmosphere through its minimalist aesthetic and functional spaces.

Starting with the living room, light floods in through large windows, highlighting the sleek lines of modern furniture against the soft textures of plants that add a touch of nature. The space flows into a dining area, where the simplicity of a wooden table set against a backdrop of city views creates a perfect setting for both meals and conversation.

A Breath of Fresh Air in City Living

The balcony extends the living space outdoors, where intimate seating amidst potted greenery offers a private oasis. As dusk sets in, string lights cast a warm glow over the scene, creating an inviting nook for evening relaxation.

Indoors, the kitchen’s streamlined cabinetry and long countertops reflect the apartment’s practical elegance. State-of-the-art appliances are cleverly integrated, ensuring that form meets function.

Private Quarters with a Modern Twist

The transition from public to private spaces is seamless. In the bathroom, gray tiles and modern fixtures blend with wooden accents, striking a balance between contemporary and cozy. A cleverly placed laundry setup underscores the apartment’s efficient use of space.

In the bedroom, the angled walls of the attic frame a bed adorned with muted textiles. The quiet color scheme fosters a restful ambiance, effortlessly combining comfort with style.

Lastly, we find a child’s bedroom that bursts with playful energy. Bright colors and whimsical decorations contrast with the clean lines of the bunk bed, reflecting a space designed for both fun and rest.

This apartment in Stockholm captures the essence of Scandinavian design—practical, stylish, and warmly welcoming. It’s a shining example of how city dwellers can create a peaceful retreat in the heart of the urban landscape.

- by Matt Watts