Queen Apartment by Officina 8a

Queen Apartment is a luxurious home located in Turin, Italy, designed in 2016 by Officina 8A – Studio di Architettura.

Ornate, high-ceilinged room with arched windows, decorative molding, and modern furnishings.
Elegant living room with ornate ceiling, arched windows, black leather furniture, and glass coffee table.
A spacious, modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, floating shelves, and a large dining table.
Ornate ceiling with intricate patterns, modern furnishings, and expansive windows in this grand room.
Ornate ceiling with decorative patterns, wooden floors, and open doorways leading to other rooms.
Ornate arched ceiling, hardwood flooring, modern furniture, and decorative accents.
A cozy room with hardwood floors, wooden beams, and a black sofa, accented by decorative elements.
A modern bathroom with sleek lighting, tiled walls, and herringbone wood flooring.

About Queen Apartment

Welcome to Queen Apartment

Set in the heart of Turin, Italy, the Queen Apartment is a true reflection of luxury urban living. Designed by Officina 8a in 2016, this apartment merges historic charm with modern elegance.

The Heart of the Home

Entering the living room, daylight bathes the parquet floors, highlighting their rich, warm tones. The furniture, a modern take on classic comfort, invites one to relax. The high ceilings, adorned with ornate patterns, draw the eye upwards, creating a sense of spaciousness.

A Nod to Convenience and Style

The kitchen, sleek and functional, boasts wood and white finishes, a stark, stylish contrast that appeals to the modern taste. Conveniently located, it opens directly to the dining area, making entertaining effortless. The adjoining bar, with its row of fine wines, speaks of evenings filled with good company and great conversation.

Transitioning to the bathroom, one finds a haven of modern amenities. The black tiled shower and crisp white fixtures stand out against the herringbone flooring, offering a personal spa experience.

As we explore further, the master bedroom reveals a cleverly integrated loft bed, maximizing space without compromising on design. This innovative solution creates a cozy sleeping area while maintaining an airy feel throughout the room.

Each room in the Queen Apartment tells its own story, connected by a thread of thoughtful design and practical elegance. Officina 8a has created not just an apartment, but a place one can proudly call home.

Photography by Sabrina Gazzola

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- by Matt Watts