Ascaya Residence by SB Architects

Designed in 2016 by SB Architects, Ascaya Residence is a beautiful private home located in the United States.

Sleek modern home with a pool, wood-accented exterior, and a fire feature on the patio.
Striking architectural design featuring contrasting materials - wood, concrete, glass.
Spacious living room with wooden ceiling, large windows, and modern furniture.
Expansive glass-walled bedroom with wooden ceiling and panoramic city views.
Elegant modern bathroom with large vanity, sleek tiled walls, and floor-to-ceiling window.
A modern, glass-walled home with a pool overlooking a mountainous landscape.
Expansive, modern architecture perched atop a hill with stunning city views.

About Ascaya Residence

Welcome to Ascaya Residence, a symbol of contemporary design nestled in the heart of the United States. Crafted by the renowned SB Architects, this architectural piece presents a sleek outline against the landscape. Conceived in 2016, Ascaya Residence stands as a celebration of modern living spaces that intertwine with the beauty of their natural surroundings.

Modern Elegance Meets Nature

The house, spread across a vast expanse, showcases a striking contrast of glass and concrete that harmonizes with the arid terrain. The bold, rectangular volumes interplay with the open sky, while expansive windows break the barrier between indoor comfort and the expansive outdoors. A pool reflects the sky, further blurring lines between the natural and the built environment.

A Seamless Indoor Experience

Entering the residence, the open-plan living area greets visitors with a panoramic view, achieved through floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The fluid layout leads into a state-of-the-art kitchen where form and function unite for culinary exploration. Adjacent, the dining area invites intimate gatherings, lit by the soft glow of designer fixtures.

Private Quarters of Sophistication

The journey continues to the private bathroom, a space that offers a spa-like experience. Here, the design prioritizes comfort, pairing sleek vanities with a freestanding bathtub, all framed by a picture window with scenic views. Next, the master bedroom epitomizes restful spaces, opening to a private terrace that whispers the promise of sunrise views.

Ascaya Residence, through its design by SB Architects, stands as a house that offers a seamless flow from its majestic exterior to its intimate interior sanctuaries. Every room connects with the next, creating a coherent narrative of spaces that celebrate contemporary design and nature’s ever-present canvas.

Photography by Shay Velich

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- by Matt Watts