Riddargatan Apartment by Henrik Nero

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Riddargatan Apartment is a clean Scandinavian apartment designed by Henrik Nero.

Cozy attic living room with rustic wooden beams, modern furniture, and natural plant decor.
Airy loft space with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and a cozy fireplace.
A spacious, open-concept living room with large windows, wooden beams, and a rustic aesthetic.
Spacious living room with tall windows, wooden floors, and a mix of modern and rustic furnishings.
Bright, spacious living area with metal framed furniture, plants, and large arched window.
Bright, open-concept living space with exposed wooden beams, leather chairs, and potted plants.
Airy loft-style living room with large windows, wooden beams, and a mix of modern and rustic furnishings.
Spacious loft-style living space with rustic wood beams, modern furniture, and potted plant.
Rustic living space with exposed wooden beams, natural flooring, and minimalist decor.
A cozy studio apartment with an open floor plan, wood floors, and large windows offering city views.
Cozy attic bedroom with wood beams, potted plants, and minimalist decor.
Cozy terrace with woven furniture, potted plants, and decorative metal accents.

About Riddargatan Apartment

Stepping into the Riddargatan Apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, one is immediately struck by the bright, open space that characterizes Scandinavian design. Henrik Nero, the designer, presents a home that balances modernity with comfort.

Welcoming Sophistication

The living room greets guests with ample natural light spilling through skylights. A blend of leather and wood furnishings grounds the space, while white walls keep it airy and inviting. The unexpected presence of an indoor olive tree adds a touch of organic elegance.

Transitioning to the kitchen, the continuity of light wood flooring unites the space. Open shelving and white cabinetry reflect a preference for simplicity and function, core tenets of Nordic design. Here, a mustard accent wall provides a warm contrast, echoing the hues of the living room’s olive tree.

Intimate Exteriors

Outside, the balcony offers a cozy retreat with rattan furniture and potted plants creating an intimate outdoor lounge. The space is an extension of the interior’s warmth, a small haven above the city’s pulse.

Back inside, the bathroom reveals a bold use of color and texture. Azure walls and a deep green tub craft a visual retreat, with natural elements like a stone basin infusing the room with a grounded, tactile appeal.

A Restful Oasis

The bedroom is a lesson in restraint and harmony. The wooden tones continue, framed by the white walls and dark textiles. It’s a room designed for rest, where each element has been chosen for both its beauty and its purpose.

In each room of the Riddargatan Apartment, Henrik Nero’s thoughtful approach shines through, resulting in a home that is not only a model of Scandinavian design but a comfortable, livable space.

Photography courtesy of Henrik Nero

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- by Matt Watts