Apartment in Singapore by Free Space Intent

Apartment in Singapore is a minimalist industrial home designed in 2017 by Free Space Intent.

A cozy, open-concept living room with modern furnishings, large windows, and a plant accent.
Minimalist living room with built-in cabinetry, leather sofa, and nature-inspired decor.
A modern, open-concept living space with sleek furniture, natural lighting, and a stylish partition.
Modern living room with ceiling fan, sleek furniture, and plant decor creating a warm, inviting space.
Minimalist living room with modern furnishings, large windows, and sleek decor.
A modern minimalist dining area with wooden sliding doors, sleek furnishings, and pop art decor.
Bright, modern kitchen with sleek white cabinets, subway tile backsplash, and glass partition.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden bed frame, sleek furniture, and large windows providing ample natural light.
A stylish bedroom featuring clean lines, wood accents, and a minimalist design aesthetic.
Contemporary bathroom with minimalist vanity, square mirror, and wooden accents.

About Apartment in Singapore

Welcome to a tour of a modern minimalist and industrial-style apartment in Singapore, designed by Free Space Intent in 2017. In the heart of the city, this residence offers a fresh perspective on apartment living with its sharp design and functional spaces.

Inviting Minimalism

As you step inside, the living room greets you with its streamlined furniture and crisp lines. The brown leather sofa anchors the space, providing a comfortable spot to unwind. A potted plant adds a touch of greenery, reflecting the apartment’s blend of nature and urban style.

Sleek Functionality

The bathroom reveals a no-frills approach, sporting a clean and crisp design. Black fixtures stand out against white storage units, and a wooden door adds warmth, speaking to the apartment’s industrial roots without sacrificing simplicity.

Economical Elegance

In the study area, white cabinetry maximizes storage, keeping the look neat and the function clear. The space is a testament to the apartment’s smart use of compact living areas, offering a place for both work and relaxation.

The bedroom’s design is straightforward and uncluttered, with a wooden bed frame and white linens that promise a restful night’s sleep. The room encapsulates the minimalist aesthetic, combining comfort with a sense of spaciousness.

The kitchen is a model of efficiency, with white cabinets and subway tiles that brighten the space. It’s a practical area that doesn’t skimp on style, ensuring that form follows function.

In the dining area, the harmony of wood and black metal furniture underlines the industrial theme. The area is open and inviting, perfect for sharing meals and moments.

Finally, the unique character of this Singapore apartment shines in its details. Vinyl records adorn the walls, while the mix of wood and metal reflects a keen eye for textured contrasts.

This Free Space Intent creation is more than an apartment; it’s a statement on modern living that marries industrial design with minimalism, set against the vibrant backdrop of Singapore.

Photography courtesy of Free Space Intent

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- by Matt Watts