Lagoon House by Robin Payne

Lagoon House is a contemporary seafront residence located on Bribie Island, Australia, designed by Robin Payne.

Luxurious tropical villa with modern architectural elements, reflecting pool, and lush garden.
Striking contemporary waterfront home with glass walls, outdoor pool, and lush landscaping.
Modern living room with high ceilings, recessed lighting, and panoramic water views through glass doors.
Elegant living room with plush seating, panoramic ocean view, and sophisticated decor.
Sleek, modern kitchen design featuring a wooden mosaic-style island and open shelving.
Elegant wine cellar with wooden shelves, marble countertop, and glass accents.
Sleek, contemporary pool area with minimalist decor and stunning lake views.
Modern, two-story house with expansive outdoor patio, glass walls, and sleek architectural design.
A modern waterfront home with an infinity pool, wooden deck, and expansive ocean view.
Sleek, modern architectural design featuring a covered entryway, water feature, and lush landscaping.

About Lagoon House

Welcome to Waterfront Luxury

At Pacific Harbour’s main canal gateway on Bribie Island, this house elevates a client’s dream into reality. They wished for a home combining 5-star resort features and water views from every room. The design mirrors its subtropical setting and includes lush tropical gardens.

An Oasis of Calm

A man-made lagoon encircles three guest houses, creating a serene divide from the nearby public parkland. Each guest room boasts a private terrace with views of the lagoon and beyond.

Blurring Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The main living, kitchen, and entertainment spaces feature frameless glass walls. These walls slide open, merging indoor comfort with the outdoor environment. The lagoon’s inviting waters are just steps away, perfect for a refreshing swim.

Innovative Design Features

The home’s upper floor extends outward, shielding the living areas below. A striking set of cantilevered stairs descends to a glass-encased basement cellar, accessible from the expansive kitchen and butler’s pantry. For added convenience, a dumbwaiter connects the cellar with the floors above.

A glass structure pierces the home’s two-story core, leading to the master suite. This architectural choice not only adds a modern touch but also emphasizes the home’s unique blend of form and function.

Photography by Phill Jackson

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- by Matt Watts