Cubic Cave by Ris Interior Design

Cubic Cave is a minimalist apartment located in Taichung city, Taiwan, was designed by Ris Interior Design.

Modern living room with sleek black and wooden accents, built-in TV display, and cozy seating.
Sleek, modern entertainment setup with stone accent wall and minimalist speaker design.
Sleek, modern living room with gray and black accents, plush seating, and statement lighting.
Sleek, modern kitchen with black cabinetry, glass pendant lighting, and a lush plant centerpiece.
A sleek, modern kitchen with a chandelier composed of glass globes and a dark, textured wall.
Warm-toned modern home office with built-in shelves, desk, and cozy armchair.
Minimalist bedroom with dark curtains, light bedding, and wooden floor details.
Minimalist bedroom with dark curtains, wooden chair, and a cozy knitted blanket on the bed.

About Cubic Cave

Cubic Cave, a design marvel by Ris Interior Design, stands proudly in the heart of Taichung city, Taiwan. This minimalist apartment redefines modern living, showcasing an artful blend of nature-inspired elements with clean, sleek lines. The design, completed recently, offers a retreat from the city’s pace without sacrificing sophistication.

A Modern Refuge in Urban Taichung

The exterior of Cubic Cave greets with a stoic presence, its geometric lines and dark hues boldly marking its territory in the urban landscape. The entryway sets the stage for the transition into a space where simplicity reigns and the city’s noise fades into a muted backdrop.

Living in Harmony with Nature

Step inside, and the living room greets you with its hallmark feature: a TV wall that mimics coarse-textured rock stacks. This central piece forms a striking contrast against the modern furniture, enveloping viewers in a visual embrace of nature’s raw beauty. Sunlight filters through dark wenge blinds, casting dynamic shadows and softening the room with a warm glow.

Adjacent to the living space, a cozy nook carved by the window offers a slice of solitude. Here, one can enjoy the outside view or delve into a book, encased by the warmth of wood and the comfort of plush cushions.

Minimalist Elegance

The bedroom, a quiet retreat, extends the minimalist theme with understated luxury. Dark walls and wood elements continue the deep color scheme, while cleverly placed lighting accentuates the room’s tranquil atmosphere. The bed, dressed in fine linens, invites restful slumber, reinforcing the apartment’s purpose as a sanctuary.

In a seamless continuation, the study adjacent to the bedroom balances functionality and style. Shelving and cabinets with plaster effects show methodical design, while the uncluttered desk promotes focus and clarity.

Finally, the bathroom, with its reflective surfaces and streamlined fixtures, stands as a testament to modern design. The interplay of light and texture here is a subtle nod to the apartment’s overarching theme of nature meeting modernity.

Cubic Cave emerges not just as a living space, but as a statement of balance—where the primal allure of the wilderness meets the clean ethos of minimalism. With Ris Interior Design at the helm, this apartment is a model for contemporary living that honors the calm of the natural world within the city’s dynamic context.

Photography by Hey!cheese Photography

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- by Matt Watts