Well Lane Home by Mulroy Architects

Redesigned by Mulroy Architects, Well Lane Home is a traditional single-family house located in London, United Kingdom.

Modern attic bedroom with sleek black furniture, brass lighting, and geometric patterns.
Minimalist bedroom with large window overlooking lush greenery, sleek black walls, and an eye-catching yellow accent.
A cozy bedroom with a striking yellow accent wall, a pendant light, and a framed photograph.
Sleek and modern bedroom design with black walls, yellow accents, and a striking pendant light.
Modern attic space with sleek built-in storage, skylight, and minimalist lighting.
Sleek black and white bathroom with modern vanity, unique round faucet, and recessed lighting.
Sleek, minimalist bathroom with a tiled shower stall and built-in storage niche.
A modern addition to a traditional building, with a sleek grey facade and large windows.

About Well Lane Home

Welcome to Well Lane Home, a London-based residence brought to life by Mulroy Architects. This traditional house, residing in the heart of the United Kingdom’s architectural evolution, marries the classic with the contemporary.

From the Outside In

The journey begins with the home’s exterior: a marriage of crisp white walls and modern extensions. The backyard, a green space, invites sunlight and nature close to the living areas. One can almost hear the murmur of the city, just out of reach, as they gaze upon the home’s welcoming façade.

Step into Comfort

Through the door, the interior tells a story of contrast and cohesion. In the bedroom, dark walls contrast with bright mustard accents, while strategic lighting casts a warm glow. The simple yet sophisticated décor suggests a space that’s both functional and stylish.

Adjacent, the bathroom echoes the bedroom’s modernity. Charcoal tiles cover the space, from the generous shower area to the sleek sink unit. Here, functionality meets design, creating a room that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the spirit.

A Seamless Blend

Onward to a versatile space that functions as a haven for relaxation and utility. Built-in storage in monochrome effortlessly blends with the room’s edges, making for a smart use of space. A skylight pours natural light into the room, highlighting the clean lines and meticulous attention to detail.

Each room in Well Lane Home stands as a chapter in a book of thoughtful design, chronicled by Mulroy Architects. It’s a home that speaks of London’s spirit: timeless yet forward-looking, grounded yet open to the sky.

Photography courtesy of Mulroy Architects

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- by Matt Watts