Hudson River Park by StudioLAB

Located in New York City, United States, Hudson River Park is a contemporary apartment designed in 2017 by StudioLAB.

Sleek, minimalist living room with tufted leather sofa, plush armchairs, and a modern coffee table on a patterned rug.
Spacious living room with minimalist décor, large TV screen, and extensive built-in shelving.
Elegant, modern living space with herringbone wood floors, plush seating, and a crystal chandelier.
Elegant dining room with large windows, modern chandelier, and herringbone wood flooring.
Sleek, modern kitchen with white marble countertops, blue cabinetry, and pendant lighting over a dining bar.
Modern kitchen with sleek white cabinets, blue drawers, stainless steel appliances, and marble countertops.
A modern, open-concept kitchen with sleek, navy blue cabinetry and black pendant lights.
Well-designed, spacious children's bedroom with built-in shelving, bunk beds, and bold wallpaper.
Cozy bedroom with large windows, dinosaur art, and plush toys scattered around.
Spacious modern bedroom with plush gray sofa, abstract art, and sleek wood flooring.
Modern bedroom with sleek furnishings, bold artwork, and recessed lighting. Hardwood floors and large windows create an airy, elegant space.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with clean lines, a sleek vanity, and recessed lighting.
Contemporary bathroom with sleek white vanity, dark tile walls, and stylish lighting.

About Hudson River Park

Overlooking the vigorous Hudson River, the Hudson River Park apartment stands as a contemporary treasure in New York City. StudioLAB’s design vision materialized in 2017, transforming a 50-year-old space into a functional, modern home for a family of four.

Reinventing Classic Spaces

The entrance sets a modern tone, opening to a living room where natural light floods in, highlighting the custom charcoal-stained oak floors. The black leather couch anchors the space, while the ribbed texture of the two cream chairs introduces a play of shadows and highlights.

Fluidity in Design

Transitioning to the kitchen, dark blue cabinets strike a bold contrast against the white marble island and the sleek appliances. This daring choice reflects the family’s dynamic lifestyle, offering a space that’s both practical and visually striking.

The adjacent dining area features a minimalist table, around which black chairs and a golden chandelier create a simple yet sophisticated place for meals and conversation.

Personal Touches

In the private quarters, the master bedroom’s plush bedding and large windows invite rest and relaxation, while the artwork above the bed adds a splash of creativity. The children’s rooms display lively personalities with playful decor and stuffed toys, while the bunk beds ensure a smart use of space.

Each bathroom reveals StudioLAB’s attention to detail: one pairs dark tiles with marble for a dramatic effect, and the other offers a bright, clean look with white tiles and black accents.

The den is a focal point, featuring a wall unit in the signature blue lacquer. It floats against the wall, embodying the family’s innovative spirit.

Hudson River Park apartment by StudioLAB is a statement of contemporary living, where open spaces meet personal style right in the heart of New York City.

Photography courtesy of StudioLAB

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- by Matt Watts