Courtyard House by Robert Hutchison Architecture

Courtyard House is a two-bedroom wooden retreat designed by Robert Hutchison Architecture located just outside Seattle, WA.

A modern, black-clad cabin nestled amid lush, evergreen foliage and a grassy lawn.
A modern black cabin nestled in a lush forest, featuring large glass windows and a wooden deck.
Spacious open-plan interior with exposed wooden beams, large windows, and a stone fireplace.
Cozy home office with built-in shelves, large window, and natural hardwood flooring.
Cozy bedroom with exposed wood beam ceiling, neutral decor, and large window.
Well-lit and airy bathroom with wooden beams, tile flooring, and modern vanity.
Rustic cabin interior with wood-paneled walls, fireplace, and outdoor deck with colorful chairs.
A modern, black-clad cabin nestled in a lush, forested environment with a wooden deck.
A modern, black-clad forest cabin with large windows, set amidst lush greenery.
A modern, minimalist cabin nestled in a lush, forested landscape with large windows.

About Courtyard House

A Cozy Retreat Amidst Nature

Robert Hutchison Architecture crafted a 2-bedroom home, nestled just outside Seattle. It stands in Mt. Rainier’s shadow. The house, covering 1,900 square feet (176.51 square meters), boasts Western red cedar siding. This design choice allows it to merge seamlessly with the forest by the White River. The home features an entry courtyard. This space provides a smooth transition from outside, keeping the local elk herds at bay.

Bright and Airy Living Spaces

The residence serves as a retreat from city life. Its open living area, with large glass walls, floods the space with light, even on the darkest days. A central steel-clad fireplace not only warms the room but also visually separates the living area from the outdoor patio.

Robert Hutchison focused on modern design, embracing simplicity and artistic charm. He chose a few architectural elements to highlight. The interior showcases a double-height space, bringing warmth and a connection to nature. A dark steel fireplace becomes the room’s focal point, according to Hutchison.

Eco-Friendly Construction

The team, with the client doubling as the general contractor, minimized the building’s footprint. They aimed to disturb the site as little as possible, honoring the lush surroundings. The home stands as a testament to the small home living movement. It prioritizes design, offering spaciousness in every corner.

Photography by Mark Woods

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- by Matt Watts