Loft in Russia by Andrei Popov

Loft in Russia is an inspiring wooden apartment located in Russia, designed in 2017 by Andrei Popov.

A cozy living space with wooden walls, shelves, and hanging globe lights, complemented by a blue couch and artwork.
Cozy library space with vintage lighting, bookshelves, and a plush blue sofa.
Cozy, rustic living space with exposed brick walls, wooden ceiling, and eclectic decor.
Rustic living room with wooden ceiling, bookshelves, plants, and eclectic decor.
Cozy cabin-like interior with vaulted wooden ceiling, string lights, and panoramic windows.
Cozy rustic living room with exposed wooden beams, fireplace, and built-in bookshelves.
Staircase with metal railings leading up to a landing with decorative art and potted plants.
Eclectic living room features blue walls, industrial shelving, and vintage furnishings.
Rustic kitchen with red tiled backsplash, wooden shelves, and eclectic decor.
A cozy bedroom with an industrial-style canopy bed, exposed brick walls, and wooden shelving.
Cozy bedroom with exposed brick walls, canopy bed, and custom shelving units.
Luxurious bathroom with marble walls, sleek counter, and modern vanity fixtures.
Luxurious marble-clad bathroom with a large soaking tub, Roman-style showerhead, and city skyline view.

About Loft in Russia

Stepping into Loft in Russia, we’re immediately struck by the timeless allure of wood—a material that takes center stage in Andrei Popov’s design. Established in 2017, this loft apartment in Russia invites residents into a warm embrace of natural textures and modern comforts.

A Modern Homage to Wooden Aesthetics

The exterior, a harmony of industrial design and wooden charm, sets the tone for the spaces within. The entrance corridor, lined with striking artworks against exposed brick, leads us to the heart of the home.

The living room blends classic literature and plush blue sofas under a cascade of gentle lights. Shelves brimming with books rise against the brick, while a cozy fireplace anchors the space. The adjacent dining area, with its bold red tiles and natural wood accents, offers a vibrant space for meals and gatherings.

Intimate Corners and Shared Spaces

Each room in the loft reveals a unique character—such as the tranquil bathroom, where wooden blocks juxtapose with sleek modern fixtures. The shower room echoes this sentiment, with opulent marble enveloping a space designed for refreshment and reflection.

The bedroom stands out with its four-poster bed and sheer drapery, creating a private retreat within the loft’s open concept. Here, the warmth of the wooden flooring and brick walls continue, harmonizing with the soft textiles and indoor greenery.

Culmination of Comfort and Style

In the kitchen, functionality meets aesthetic pleasure. Deep blue walls complement the striking red backsplash, as sunlight streams in to highlight the wooden floors that tie the space back to the loft’s overarching theme. The living area extends this fusion of utility and style, with comfortable seating and artistic decor pieces inviting long, leisurely conversations.

Finally, a sleek staircase leads us to perhaps the most dramatic element of the loft: a glass-encased space that draws the eye upwards, paying homage to the beauty of the outside world while providing a sanctuary from it.

In Loft in Russia, Andrei Popov has created a space that’s both a nod to the past and a step into the comfort of modern design.

Photography by Mihail Čekalov

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- by Matt Watts