TinkerBox by Studio MM Architect

Designed by Studio MM Architect, TinkerBox is an inspiring retreat is nestled in the woods of Hudson Valley, in Kerhonkson, New York.

A modern, black-clad vacation home nestled in an autumnal forest setting.
Spacious, modern kitchen with sleek cabinetry, marble countertops, and an open floor plan connecting to a cozy living area.
Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, fireplace, wooden furniture, and brass lighting.
A modern dining area with a rustic wooden table, contemporary lighting, and a scenic view through glass walls.
Spacious modern kitchen and dining area with wood accents, pendant lights, and large windows.
Modern kitchen with sleek black walls, marble countertop, and wood floors. Striking view of lush greenery through window.
Tranquil wooded porch with concrete ceiling, wooden deck, and brick columns.
A modernist house nestled among colorful autumn trees, featuring a concrete chimney and glass walls.
A modern, black wooden cabin nestled among autumn-colored trees in a forest setting.

About TinkerBox

A Dream Retreat for Car Enthusiasts

Nestled in the Hudson Valley woods, TinkerBox stands as a car lover’s ultimate retreat. The design revolves around a spacious garage, offering ample room for car storage and maintenance. Additionally, it houses a vast wine cellar and a furniture workshop. Furthermore, the house’s rectangular shape, partially buried in the hilly terrain, springs from the garage. This setup creates an open-plan living area perfect for hosting, unwinding by a warm fire, or whipping up a homemade meal.

Unique Exterior with a Personal Touch

The project presented us with a unique opportunity to participate in the building process. We explored the Japanese wood charring technique, shou sugi ban, and chose to apply it ourselves. Using premium cedar siding, we charred and finished the wood before installing it, achieving a distinctive, durable exterior. Moreover, inset gutters preserve the home’s sleek outline without sacrificing functionality.

Welcoming Design and Artful Details

Guests receive a warm welcome from a cantilevered entryway and an impressive twelve-foot (3.66 meters) mahogany pivot door. The house beckons visitors inside with its double-height foyer and an exposed concrete wall that extends outdoors. The continuous wood beam structure draws the eye upwards, enhancing the space. Solid wood stair treads, sourced from the property’s hardwood trees, invite guests upstairs, seamlessly connecting private and public areas.

In the living space, a vast window seat offers a snug reading spot next to the fireplace. A waterfall-edge marble island adds sophistication to the room. This handcrafted ethos extends to the furniture and fixtures. A dining table, a collaborative creation by Studio MM and Elijah Leed, sits beneath a Studio MM-designed brass chandelier. In the master bedroom, a built-in headboard and custom linen curtains add a personal touch.

Innovative Outdoor Spaces

The cantilevered roof at the front extends to the back, shading an outdoor deck. This plywood-clad structure rests on a single cantilevered beam anchored to an external fireplace. Stainless steel details adorn both fireplaces, offering wood storage outside and extra warmth inside. Below the deck, a furniture studio opens through a custom oversized bi-fold door.

Efficient Design for Comfortable Living

The house’s straightforward layout and partly submerged lower level highlight its efficient design. In summer, concrete floors and walls keep the ground floor cool. The covered deck and strategically placed windows on the upper floor offer passive cooling, making the space ideal for entertainment.

TinkerBox not only reflects its intended concept and function but also fosters unique design moments and hands-on learning experiences. Studio MM takes pride in creating homes that engage clients, spotlight contemporary design, celebrate local artisans, and focus on high-quality details and craftsmanship.

Photography by Brad Feinknopf

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- by Matt Watts