Apartment in Matera by ASP Progetti

Apartment in Matera is a modern dwelling located in Matera, Italy, designed in 2017 by ASP Progetti.

Modern, open-plan living space with sleek wooden accents, pendant lighting, and a leather sofa.
Cozy and modern living space with wooden paneling, sleek furniture, and pendant lighting.
Warm, wooden interior with abstract art, modern furniture, and patterned floor tiles.
A modern, minimalist open-concept kitchen and dining area with sleek furnishings.
Contemporary dining room with sculptural pendant lights, round white table, checkered chair.
Room has whimsical robot-patterned wallpaper, globe, and acoustic guitar, illuminated by modern lighting.
A spacious bathroom with a hexagonal-patterned tile wall, modern vanity, and large mirror.
A modern bathroom featuring a hexagonal tiled wall, a white sink, and an octagonal mirror.
Sleek bathroom with geometric wood-patterned wall, pedestal sink, and white towel warmer.

About Apartment in Matera

Nestled in the heart of Matera, Italy, the “Apartment in Matera” stands as a testament to the ingenuity of ASP Progetti, skillfully crafted in 2017. This modern apartment merges the charm of Italian aesthetics with contemporary design, presenting a living space that exudes both warmth and sophistication.

A Modern Embrace of Historical Matera

Upon entering, the living room welcomes with its harmonious blend of wooden elements and muted tones. The sleek wooden paneling on one wall contrasts with the smooth, white surfaces elsewhere, encapsulating the apartment’s modern ethos. Functional yet stylish furniture, like the leather sofa, anchors the space, while unique pendant lighting adds a touch of elegance.

Transitioning from the social hub, the dining area continues the narrative of understated luxury. Here, the focus shifts to the crisp, white table, surrounded by chic chairs. It’s a space where simplicity and functionality converge, illuminated by stylish, mid-century inspired lighting – a nod to the timeless influence on modern design.

Simplicity Meets Function in Private Quarters

The bathroom’s design commands attention with geometrically patterned tiles that offer an optical feast. Clean lines define the fixtures, from the classic pedestal sink to the minimalist bidet and toilet, ensuring every element serves both form and function.

In another bathroom, hexagonal tiles create a honeycomb effect, encapsulating the apartment’s attention to detail. A contemporary round mirror echoes the apartment’s circular motifs, and the crisp, white basin stands as a centerpiece of modern simplicity.

Artful Details in Every Corner

The narrative of refined elegance extends to the shower room, where the glass enclosure reveals the continuity of the hexagonal tile motif. Functionality shines through the clear division between the bathing area and the dry vanity space.

Finally, the child’s bedroom bursts with personality, showcasing vibrant wallpaper and a bedding pattern that captures a youthful spirit. Clever lighting choices and playful details, such as the guitar and globe, invite imagination and adventure.

The “Apartment in Matera” by ASP Progetti isn’t just a dwelling; it’s a modern canvas that celebrates the intersection of Italian heritage and modern design. It stands as a beacon of contemporary living in the ancient city of Matera, echoing a story of timeless elegance through its every corner.

Photography by Pierangelo Laterza

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- by Matt Watts