Minima Apartment by StudioPine

Designed in 2017 by StudioPine, Minima Apartment is an inspiring apartment located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Minimalist living room with modern white cabinetry, wooden accents, and comfortable seating.
Spacious and bright living room with minimalist design, large windows, and dark gray sofas.
Minimalist living room design with gray sofas, wooden TV stand, and abstract artwork.
Spacious, modern living room with marble-like kitchen, stylish furniture, and abstract wall art.
Minimalist living room with wooden panels, grey sofa, and abstract bird decor.
A modern, minimalist kitchen-dining space with sleek white cabinetry, wooden accents, and sculptural chairs.
Sleek, modern kitchen with minimalist wood and white furniture, large windows, and hardwood floors.
Elegant modern bedroom with stylish lighting, large windows, and minimal furniture.
Minimalist bedroom design with modern art, textured bedding, and wood flooring.
Modern bathroom with marble walls, wooden vanity, and a freestanding vessel sink.
Minimalist bathroom with marble tile walls, wooden vanity, and sleek shower fixtures.

About Minima Apartment

Nestled in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, the Minima Apartment emerges as a quintessence of contemporary design. Conceived by the visionary minds at StudioPine in 2017, this living space embodies the delicate equilibrium of modern aesthetics with an undercurrent of timeless comfort. Here, every element conspires to create a narrative of balance and poise, setting the stage for the residents’ own life stories to unfold against a meticulously curated backdrop.

The Art of Minimalism

Step inside, and the apartment’s ethos greets you subtly yet unmistakably. In the bathroom, white marble tiles etched with gentle veins converge with the warm wooden accents and matte black fixtures. The result is a sanctuary that exudes tranquility while maintaining a crisp, hygienic appeal — a harmonious prelude to the residence’s inner sanctum.

Transitioning from water to rest, the bedroom presents a study in the soothing power of monochrome. Here, the plushness of the dark fabric bed contrasts with the stark, clean lines of the architecture, their dialogue creating a cocoon of serenity amidst the urban buzz. It’s a space that not only promises rest but also revokes the noisy clamor of the city beyond its windows.

A Culinary Canvas

The kitchen and dining area uphold the apartment’s philosophy with a tableau of white and wood. The sleekness of modern appliances stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the organic warmth of the dining table, setting a stage where culinary creations and conversation flow in unison. It’s here that the apartment’s soul begins to shine through, inviting residents to add their essence to the space.

As we venture into the living room, StudioPine’s intent becomes clear. This space is crafted not just for living but for experiencing. The dark sofas offer a grounding presence, while the white walls and curtains act as a canvas for the interplay of daylight and shadow. This room is a chameleon, adapting to the quietude of morning coffees or the laughter of evening gatherings with equal grace.

Living with Style

The narrative of the Minima Apartment culminates in the fusion of its elements. Dark textiles serve as the visual anchor, drawing the eye and providing a rhythmic contrast to the overarching palette of whites and neutrals. It’s a space where life’s complexities are distilled into the elegance of simplicity, and where the minutiae of design become the foundation for living artfully.

StudioPine envisioned the Minima Apartment not just as a place of residence but as a canvas for existence. Every choice, from the glossy surfaces to the tactile fabrics, is a deliberate stroke in this composition. As residents move in, their daily rituals, their laughter, and their repose will become the final, indispensable brushstrokes on this masterpiece of contemporary living.

Photography courtesy of StudioPine

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- by Matt Watts