House in the Woods by Susanna Cots Interior Design

House in the Woods is an inspiring single family house located in Girona, Spain, designed in 2017 by Susanna Cots Interior Design.

Warm, modern living room with wood, light colors, and artistic wall decor.
Cozy living room with wooden slat wall, plush gray sofas, and a rustic coffee table.
A modern home with a glass wall overlooking a lush, landscaped backyard and pool.
Minimalist dining space with wooden table, black wicker chairs, and abstract artwork.
Rustic dining table with black wicker chairs and decorative artwork wall.
Modern, open-plan living space with vaulted ceilings, natural wood floors, and curated art pieces.
Spacious modern kitchen with white cabinets, wooden countertops, and exposed beams.
Large modern kitchen with white cabinets, wooden floors, and black-framed glass dividing walls.
A modern, minimalist kitchen with large windows overlooking lush greenery outside.
Minimalist kitchen with exposed wood beams, large window, and wood-grain counter.
Spacious, open-concept patio with modern furnishings and panoramic views of lush greenery.
Spacious bedroom with wooden ceiling beams, minimalist decor, and natural lighting.
Spacious, modern bathroom with marble vanity, freestanding tub, and natural wood flooring.
Rustic bathroom with exposed wood beams, marble counter, and modern white tub.
A modern bathroom with floor-to-ceiling marble, large window, and minimal decor.

About House in the Woods

Tucked away in the serene landscapes of Girona, Spain, stands the ‘House in the Woods’, a 2017 masterpiece of contemporary design by Susanna Cots Interior Design. This architectural jewel melds the outdoor tranquility with its interior sophistication, creating a seamless dialogue between nature and modern living.

Elegant Fusion with Nature

As the dusk falls, the ‘House in the Woods’ emerges like a modern sanctuary, its clean lines and warm lights contrasting with the rugged, natural backdrop. The exterior, bathed in the glow of the setting sun, whispers the promise of serene elegance, setting the stage for a spatial experience that celebrates both nature and refined living.

Inviting Contemporary Interiors

The journey into the heart of the home begins with the living room, where expansive windows frame the surrounding woodlands, ushering the outside in. Each piece of furniture is carefully chosen for comfort and style, epitomizing the contemporary ethos of the home. The understated elegance of the neutral palette is enlivened by organic textures and a striking art piece, establishing a dialogue between art and space.

Transitioning into the kitchen, functionality meets finesse. Here, the culinary space boasts sleek surfaces and state-of-the-art appliances, ready for gourmet adventures. The open design integrates the cooking area with a casual dining space, making it a hub of social interaction.

The private quarters reveal a mastery of minimalism. Bedrooms, sanctuaries of calm, continue the narrative of clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Each room offers a unique view of the verdant surroundings, ensuring a restful retreat.

A Zen-Like Retreat

In the bathroom, the narrative culminates in a Zen-like oasis. Here, the interplay of light and shadow, combined with natural materials, creates a spa-like atmosphere. The freestanding tub, positioned beside a window, offers a tranquil spot for contemplation and rejuvenation.

Finally, the seamless indoor-outdoor living is epitomized by the transitional spaces. Lounging areas open directly onto the lush landscape, erasing any distinction between the home and nature, offering a living experience that is truly integrated with the great outdoors.

In the ‘House in the Woods’, every detail, from the thoughtful landscaping to the choice of materials, serves to underscore a philosophy of life in harmony with nature. It’s a testament to Susanna Cots’ vision—a contemporary living space that is both luxurious and a haven of peace.

Photography courtesy of Susanna Cots Estudi de Disseny

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- by Matt Watts