House in Mill Valley by Michael Rex Architects

Designed in 2016 by Michael Rex Architects and HSH interiors, House in Mill Valley is a contemporary private residence located in Mill Valley, California.

A chic modern living room with glass walls overlooking a lush outdoor scene.
Modern interiors with wooden panels, glass walls, and a cozy leather sofa.
Bright open-concept living space with sleek black walls, modern furniture, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Sleek glass walls frame autumnal landscape; dining table, teal chairs, and modern light fixtures.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, white countertops, and turquoise tile backsplash. Large island with bar stools.
A modern and stylish interior space with sleek architectural features and artistic decor.
Sleek, modern bedroom design with dark wood furnishings, vibrant blue accents, and abstract artwork.
Spacious modern bedroom with wood-paneled ceiling, large windows, and built-in shelving.
Modern, open-plan kitchen with wood-paneled walls, sleek white cabinets, and patterned tile floor.
Modern wood-and-glass residence with expansive windows, exterior decking, and lush landscaping.
Sleek modern architecture with textured materials, geometric patterns, and lush greenery.
Sleek, modern architecture with wooden and glass elements, set on a hillside landscaped with plants.

About House in Mill Valley

Nestled in the lush hills of Mill Valley, California, the ‘House in Mill Valley’ emerges as a contemporary masterpiece. Designed in 2016 by the visionary Michael Rex Architects, this property reflects the epitome of modern living, integrating seamlessly with its verdant surroundings.

Architectural Elegance Amidst Nature

The home’s exterior is a bold statement in harmony, with sleek, dark wood panels juxtaposing the organic landscape. Expansive glass facades invite natural light while offering panoramic views of the Californian hills. The strategic use of cantilevered structures conveys a sense of floating elegance, an ode to contemporary design.

Transitioning inside, the connection to nature persists. The living room is a symphony of textures and earth tones, with caramel leather sofas and patterned throws adding warmth. Here, the outdoors is virtually part of the decor, as floor-to-ceiling windows erase the boundary between inside and out.

A Confluence of Light and Space

In the kitchen, functionality meets finesse. White countertops and vibrant teal backsplashes reflect a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic, with the walnut cabinetry echoing the house’s exterior. State-of-the-art appliances are discreetly integrated, maintaining the sleek look.

The dining area continues this dialogue of elegance and simplicity. A long, dark wooden table, surrounded by teal chairs, stands under unique lighting fixtures, their design reminiscent of crystalline structures, mirroring the natural beauty outside.

Refined Comfort in Private Spaces

The bedrooms are sanctuaries of calm, balancing comfort with luxury. In one, a plush headboard in royal purple anchors the room, while in another, crisp white bedding and azure accents create a serene retreat. Each room, with its meticulous details, complements the home’s overarching contemporary theme.

The bathrooms offer spa-like tranquility. With sleek surfaces and minimalistic design, they provide a retreat-like experience, continuing the home’s clean, modern lines.

In ‘House in Mill Valley,’ every room, every view, is a testament to the art of modern architecture—a serene, inviting, and beautifully designed space that honors its natural setting. Michael Rex Architects has not merely designed a house; they have curated an experience, blending the home into its environment with masterful grace.

Photography by Suzanna Scott

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- by Matt Watts