Cloy Ave Residence by Mayes Office

Cloy Ave Residence is a two-story single family house located in Venice, California, designed in 2015 by Mayes Office.

A well-designed modern living space featuring an open layout, wooden floors, and contemporary decor.
Stylish open-concept kitchen with modern appliances, marble countertop, and sleek pendant lights.
Striking modern staircase with contrasting wood and metal elements; open, airy design.
Spacious living room with modern fireplace, large windows, and coordinated furnishings.
Spacious bedroom with tall windows, modern furniture, and a serene outdoor view.
Spacious modern bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic city views.
Cozy bedroom with wood-paneled ceiling, large windows, and modern furnishings.
Spacious bathroom with wood-paneled ceiling, marble finishes, and glass shower enclosure.
Spacious outdoor deck with comfortable seating, decorative planters, and a small water feature.
Modern two-story home with mixed materials, large windows, and a covered porch.

About Cloy Ave Residence

A Modern Oasis in Venice, California

Nestled in the vibrant Venice neighborhood, the Cloy Ave Residence stands as a testament to California beach style living. Initially, this project was a comprehensive remodel, enhancing and updating every corner of the existing home.

Efficient Design Meets Spacious Living

The design team at Mayes Office embarked on a mission to expand the original, cozy home. Impressively, they added 734 square feet (68.2 square meters) of space. They achieved this feat without altering the original building’s footprint, showcasing a smart use of resources within strict space and building codes. Additionally, they skillfully highlighted the home’s inherent charm, revolutionizing its character.

Blurring Indoor and Outdoor Boundaries

Drawing inspiration from previous projects, Mayes Office aimed to dissolve the barriers between the home’s interior and exterior. This approach fostered a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, enhancing the flow from the dining to the living room, perfect for entertaining.

Initially, the challenge was twofold: maximizing integration with the natural surroundings while ensuring family privacy. The solution? Wood slats elegantly ensured privacy, softening the front’s concrete facade.

Tailored for Family and Entertainment

Within, every detail reflects careful thought, merging the exterior with the interior flawlessly. An industrial-style, glass-encased staircase subtly sections off the living areas, maintaining the open-space theme.

A crown jewel, the rooftop deck, offers panoramic 360-degree views, from Downtown LA’s skyline to the serene Santa Monica Mountains.

Simplistic Elegance

In sum, the Cloy Ave Residence illustrates that simplicity and attention to detail can profoundly impact, creating a modern, inviting home that celebrates life, family, and entertaining.

Photography courtesy of Mayes Office

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- by Matt Watts