Industrial House by Zrobym Architects

Designed in 2017 by Zrobym Architects, this industrial house is located in Minsk, Belarus.

Stylish modern living room with hanging pendant lights, concrete fireplace, and rustic furniture.
A modern living room with hanging pendant lamps, brick walls, and a wooden coffee table.
A modern kitchen featuring a sleek gray color scheme, pendant lighting, and a wooden island with black metal barstools.
A modern, industrial-inspired dining space with concrete walls, pendant lights, and a mix of metal and wooden furniture.
Spacious open-concept loft with exposed brick walls, wooden stairs, and industrial-style decor.
Striking modern interior with red accent wall, sliding doors, and wood-paneled shelving.
Spacious industrial-style bedroom with brick wall, hanging lights, and motivational wall art.
Minimalist bedroom design featuring wood-paneled walls, fireplace, and decorative lamp.
Minimalist bedroom with a platform bed, dark curtains, and a large motivational wall sign.
A modern, industrial-inspired interior features a metal bookshelf, textured walls, and unique lighting.
A contemporary studio with geometric furniture, industrial lighting, and textured walls.
Sleek, minimalist workspace with industrial-style lighting, geometric furniture, and built-in shelving.
A modern, sleek bathroom design with a statement bathtub, large windows, and a towel warmer.
A modern bathroom with minimalist design, concrete walls, and a window overlooking greenery.
A modern bathroom with exposed brick walls, a metal drum basin, and minimalist fixtures.

About Industrial House

Innovative Industrial Elegance

Dmitry Sheleg and ZROBYM Architects unveil a stunning 280 square meter (3,014 square feet) space in Minsk, setting a new standard for industrial-style interiors. This design cleverly subverts the typical industrial aesthetic, balancing raw materials with a warm, inviting ambiance. For those eager to merge urban flair with classic touches, this space demands attention.

A Warm Take on Industrial Design

The designers masterfully blend traditional industrial elements like concrete and exposed ductwork with a warmer palette and inviting furnishings. The result? A space that feels both edgy and cozy. The concrete cladding, with its textured finish, draws the eye, while the distressed wood floors echo the charm of bygone eras. Organic warmth emanates from unfinished wood, and soft textiles ensure comfort, all while keeping the decor refreshingly modern.

Upstairs, the bedroom captivates at first glance, combining a chain link fence with the rustic appeal of exposed brick. A vertical garden adds a touch of greenery, enhancing the urban vibe. Simplicity reigns on the opposite side of the room, where the calming glow of a fireplace promises restful nights.

Creative Workspace Design

The office space dares to be different, achieving a functional yet creative environment. It avoids overwhelming the senses, focusing instead on fostering productivity. Wood-clad geometric chairs offer a stylish yet comfortable gathering spot, whether for family or business discussions, against the dramatic backdrop of chain link and exposed concrete.

This project illustrates how thoughtful design can transform industrial motifs into a welcoming and innovative living space. It stands as a testament to the potential for creativity and warmth in modern interior design, making it an inspiring example for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Photography courtesy of Zrobym Architects

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- by Matt Watts