Lumishell by Christophe Benichou

Lumishell is a modern prefab home designed in 2017 by Christophe Benichou.

Sleek, minimalist modular housing structure with curved walls, glass panels, and mountain backdrop.
A modern, circular dwelling with a raised platform, curtained windows, and a serene, icy backdrop.
Curved window wall overlooking desert landscape, modern interior design with shelves, plants.
A cozy bedroom with a curved wall of windows offering an expansive desert view.
A futuristic, transparent pod-like structure stands in a desolate, cracked landscape against a blue sky.
A circular modern shelter with glass walls and curtains, set against a dramatic coastal landscape.
A striking modernist structure stands in the vast, barren landscape, surrounded by llamas.

Description by Christophe Benichou

Introducing LUMISHELL: A Modern Retreat into Nature

LUMISHELL emerges as a pioneering prefab curved dwelling, designed to nestle in nature’s heart. This innovative habitat provides a perfect escape from city life, offering immersive wilderness stays. It reimagines the blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, letting you savor the outdoors’ beauty from the cozy indoors.

A Collaboration of Vision and Innovation

At the core of LUMISHELL’s inception stands a vibrant partnership. Christophe Benichou, a young, enthusiastic architect and engineer, joined forces with LUMICENE. This company is at the forefront of curved & reversible sliding window technology. Together, they crafted a compact living space, marked by dual LUMICENEs. These innovative windows envelop both a living room and a bedroom, offering expansive panoramic views. Moreover, these spaces can morph into open-air retreats, further dissolving the barrier between you and the vast landscapes.

Design That Breathes with Nature

Strategically placed mirrors within LUMISHELL amplify the surrounding scenery, infusing the interior with nature’s essence. The exterior boasts a protective aluminium shell, folding in a way that echoes the comforting foetal position. In this boundless setting, LUMISHELL stands as a modest, inviting haven—a true cocoon amidst the wild.

Embracing the Vastness of Salar de Uyuni

The stunning visuals predominantly showcase LUMISHELL against the backdrop of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. This vast, moonlike salt desert complements the dwelling’s shell-like design, as if awaiting the return of high tide. LUMISHELL does not just offer a place to stay; it provides an experience, seamlessly merging with the landscape to awaken a deep sense of connection with the natural world.

Photography courtesy of Christophe Benichou

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- by Matt Watts