Residence in the Galilee by Golany Architects

Located in Israel, Residence in the Galilee is a modern private residence designed by Tel-Aviv based practice Golany Architects.

Modern two-story house with wooden slat facade, balconies, and large windows overlooking lush vegetation.
Warm, rustic living room with wood-beamed ceiling, glass walls, and modern furnishings.
Modern, wooden-beamed ceiling with bright lighting; large windows overlooking lush greenery.
Spacious open-plan living area with wooden beams, dining table, and staircase.
Spacious covered patio with wooden beams, glass doors, and views of the surrounding landscape.
A spacious balcony with wooden beams and railing, offering a scenic countryside view.
A modern, wood-clad building with balconies and a horse in the foreground, set against a lush landscape.
A modern wooden-clad home with a tall vertical element and a horse visible inside.
Two-story modern building with wooden slat panels and large windows surrounded by landscaping.

About Residence in the Galilee

A Modern Sanctuary: Embracing the Sea of Galilee

Golany Architects, a Tel-Aviv based firm, masterfully designed a house that commands an unobstructed view of the Sea of Galilee. Impressively, each room offers a panoramic view of the Galilee, merging indoor and outdoor living. To combat the intense sun, the architects ingeniously installed generous openings on the south and east sides. They equipped these with wooden shutters for shade and privacy.

Innovative Climate Control: The Art of Shading

The wooden shutters not only adjust to sunlight and privacy needs but also evoke the traditional Mediterranean mashrabiya. This design cleverly blocks inward views, ensuring privacy while allowing residents to revel in the landscape. By recessing windows and doors, the design fosters shaded outdoor spaces that significantly enhance the home’s climate control. Remarkably, these strategies maintain a cool and inviting atmosphere throughout the sultry summer months.

Blending Tradition with Modernity

The house’s elevation reinterprets the enchanting concept of balconies with a view, blending tradition with contemporary flair. The vertical openings seamlessly connect the immediate and distant landscapes, highlighted by the lake’s tranquility. Additionally, strategic placements of rear openings offer captivating glimpses of Mount Canaan and the historic town of Safed.

Maximizing Space and Views

Faced with the challenge of designing a visually cohesive space on a mere 500 sqm (about 5382 sq ft) lot, Golany Architects opted for a two-story structure. This approach maximizes the outdoor area while preserving the site’s mature olive and oak trees. These natural elements smoothly transition into the garden, further enhancing the sense of continuity with the landscape. The thoughtful leveling of both house and garden optimizes the breathtaking views, making the boundary between built and natural environments seemingly disappear.

In this sanctuary, Golany Architects have not only crafted a home but also a testament to the harmonious blend of functionality, privacy, and the timeless beauty of the Sea of Galilee. This architectural marvel stands as a serene retreat, where the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living blur into a cohesive, panoramic experience.

Photography by Amit Geron and Golany Architects

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- by Matt Watts