505 2nd Street Apartment by Ash NYC

Designed in 2017 by Ash NYC, 505 2nd Street Apartment is a contemporary home located in New York City, United States.

Contemporary living space with minimalist furnishings, statement artwork, and large windows offering city views.
Spacious living room with large windows, modern furniture, and vibrant abstract artwork.
Elegant modern dining room with large windows and a striking pendant light fixture.
Sleek, modern kitchen with marble countertop, white cabinetry, and large window overlooking greenery.
Contemporary hallway with vibrant colored wall panels and hardwood flooring.
Spacious bedroom with large windows, modern minimalist decor, and plush bedding.
A modern, spacious bathroom featuring sleek marble surfaces, a glass shower, and minimalist vanity.

About 505 2nd Street Apartment

Refined Living at 505 2nd Street Apartment

Nestled in the heart of Park Slope, the 505 2nd Street Apartment stands as a testament to contemporary elegance. Designed in 2017 by ASH NYC, this New York City apartment weaves a narrative of modernity and comfort. From the bustling streets, one steps into a realm of serenity and style.

A Harmonious Blend of Space and Light

Inside, the living room greets visitors with an airy embrace. Sunlight filters through generous windows, highlighting the ASH-curated custom daybed and steel table. The room’s studied layout invites social gatherings while maintaining a warm, intimate vibe, echoing the building’s classic brownstone charm.

Transitioning seamlessly, the kitchen embodies functional sophistication. Marble surfaces juxtapose with sleek cabinetry, creating a culinary theatre. Here, residents enjoy state-of-the-art amenities alongside touches of ASH’s handpicked inventory, striking a balance between utility and aesthetics.

Intimate Corners and Expansive Views

The narrative flows into the bedroom, where tranquility reigns. A thoughtful selection of furnishings, including pieces by iconic designers like Hans Wegner, complements the room’s understated grace. The carefully chosen artwork and bedding speak to the apartment’s worldly character without sacrificing homely comfort.

Lastly, the bathroom and dining areas serve as the epitome of ASH’s vision. In the bathroom, marble walls reflect a spa-like retreat, while the dining room, flanked by large windows, frames the vibrant cityscape. It’s here, at 505 2nd Street Apartment, where timeless design and modern living intersect to create a truly unique dwelling in New York City.

Photography courtesy of Douglas Elliman & VHT Photography

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- by Matt Watts