Cirqua Apartments by BKK Architects

Cirqua Apartments is a contemporary apartment building, located in Melbourne, Australia, designed in 2017 by BKK Architects.

A striking, modern building with circular windows and unique architectural elements.
Circular window frames treetop views in this modern, minimalist living space.
Bright, modern kitchen with circular window overlooking lush outdoor scenery.
Minimalist bedroom with large curved window, black furniture, and framed art.
Modern bathroom with hexagonal tile wall, round mirror, and sleek black fixtures.
A striking architectural interior featuring intersecting wooden beams and circular lighting elements, leading to an exterior stairway.
A modern circular window set in a grey brick wall frames an outdoor seating area.
Striking modernist building with rhythmic circular apertures and warm interior lighting.

About Cirqua Apartments

Revolutionizing Multi-Residential Living

The Cirqua project marks a pivotal shift in the multi-residential market, evolving significantly over the last 2-4 years. Increasingly, prospective owners choose apartments over detached houses, driven by preference, not necessity. Previously, the market targeted investors or those unable to afford a house. Now, most of Cirqua’s residents are owner-occupiers. This change reflects in Cirqua’s design—offering larger apartments, a remarkable diversity (38 of 42 units are unique), spacious balconies, and extensive landscaping. The project prioritizes dwelling quality, sustainability, and a strong sense of belonging. It transforms units from mere products into homes.

Seamless Integration with the Environment

Perched on a steep slope, Cirqua combines two adjacent properties into a cohesive block. This design strategy ensures a prominent address for tenants while blending seamlessly with the street’s rhythm and scale. It integrates the project into its surroundings, enhancing its context.

A Focus on Accessibility and Environmental Harmony

Cirqua stands out for its accessibility and passive environmental design. Every apartment ensures bedrooms and living spaces receive natural light and ventilation. Generous windows foster a connection to the outdoor garden, embedding the project within Ivanhoe’s ‘Garden City’ ethos. The design team’s thorough analysis of the local context allowed them to draw inspiration from historical housing materials and styles, reimagining them for today. To diminish the perception of bulk, the building facades are meticulously crafted, presenting a more intimate, articulated development to the street.

Photography by Peter Bennetts & Shannon McGrath

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- by Matt Watts