Cube Apartment by Arjaan de Feyter

Cube Apartment is a modern Scandinavian-style apartment located in Antwerp, Belgium, designed in 2017 by Arjaan De Feyter.

Modern kitchen with minimalist wood and white decor, pendant lights, and large windows overlooking the city.
Bright, minimalist interior with wooden countertop, pendant lights, and views of city architecture.
Minimalist living room with white walls, modern furniture, and large windows overlooking nature.
A minimalist room with a wooden chair, a white wall, and a recessed wooden shelf.
A rustic wooden interior with shelves displaying a mounted animal skull and books.
Minimalist bathroom design with a rectangular mirror, brass faucet, and concrete sink.
Minimalist bathroom with glass shower enclosure, wooden floors, and brass fixtures.
Minimalist shower enclosure with gold-toned faucet and fixtures against plain white walls.

About Cube Apartment

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Antwerp, Belgium, the Cube Apartment stands as a testament to Scandinavian minimalism and modern living. Designed in 2017 by the visionary Arjaan de Feyter, this apartment merges the serenity of minimalist design with the urban tapestry of Antwerp, forging a sanctuary in the city.

Refined Exterior meets Scandinavian Simplicity

Upon approach, the Cube Apartment’s facade presents a sleek juxtaposition against the historic Antwerp skyline. Clean lines and expansive windows invite the outside in, setting the stage for an interior where light and space converge in harmony.

A Masterful Culinary Space

The journey inside begins with a kitchen that epitomizes form and function, wrapped in the warmth of Scandinavian wood finishes. Here, culinary explorations are encouraged by state-of-the-art appliances, elegantly understated beneath a blanket of simplicity.

Transitioning seamlessly, the open-plan living area beckons with its promise of relaxation and social engagement. The soft glow of natural light highlights the meticulous craftsmanship, where each piece of furniture stands both as an artifact of design and a testament to comfort.

Sanctuaries of Serenity

As we delve deeper, the private quarters reveal themselves to be retreats of tranquility. The bathroom, dressed in muted tones and minimalist fixtures, offers a spa-like repose, ensuring every day begins and ends in a realm of calm.

Adjacent, the serenity extends to a meticulously designed bedroom, where the outside world fades away. The Cube Apartment’s thoughtful layout nurtures rest, echoing the peaceful ambience found throughout its spaces.

In the Cube Apartment, Arjaan de Feyter has curated an experience that transcends mere living. It is a beacon of minimalist design, a seamless integration of form and function, and a harmonious dialogue between interior and the urban landscape of Antwerp. Here, Scandinavian simplicity isn’t just a style; it’s the essence of home.

Photography courtesy of Arjaan De Feyter

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- by Matt Watts