Appleton Way by Peters Architecture

Appleton Way is a modern two-story residence located in Los Angeles, California, designed in 2018 by Peters Architecture.

Contemporary house with white and wood exterior, large windows, and open patio.
Modern two-story house with large windows and an outdoor seating area.
Modern open-plan home interior with skylights and a central courtyard.
A sleek living room with fireplace, wood paneling, and floor-to-ceiling
Bright, open-plan living space with a sleek staircase and large windows.
Modern kitchen interior with wooden cabinets and black countertops.
Contemporary kitchen with wooden cabinets and marble island.
Modern living room with high ceiling, large windows, and mezzanine.
Airy indoor space with skylights and integrated greenery.
Modern bedroom with built-in shelving, fireplace, and large windows.
Modern bathroom with double vanity and glass-walled shower.
Contemporary two-toned house with clean lines and minimalist landscaping.

About Appleton Way

Welcome to Appleton Way, a modern masterpiece designed by Peters Architecture in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Crafted in 2018, this two-story residence stands as a testament to contemporary design and urban luxury.

Architectural Allure

The Appleton Way residence greets visitors with a striking facade, where clean lines and mixed materials create a sophisticated silhouette. The juxtaposition of warm wooden panels against cool white stucco exudes a welcoming balance. As twilight descends, the house’s expansive windows reveal a warm, inviting glow.

Seamless Transitions

Stepping through the front door, one’s gaze is immediately drawn to the sleek staircase, a central feature that harmoniously links two levels. The open-plan living area unfolds with natural hardwood floors, leading to a state-of-the-art kitchen. Here, black marble contrasts with light wood cabinets, creating a culinary canvas that’s both functional and artistic.

Intimate Interiors

The master suite offers a serene retreat, where minimalism speaks volumes. The ensuite bathroom, with its dual-sink vanity and spa-like shower, showcases meticulous design in every tile. In the bedroom, built-in shelving adds character while a fireplace anchors the space in comfort.

Appleton Way is more than a home—it’s a design statement that embodies modern living in Los Angeles. Peters Architecture has sculpted a space where every corner is a conversation piece, inviting residents to live in a work of art.

Photography by Clark Dugger

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- by Matt Watts