Dublin House by Love Interiors

Dublin House designed in 2017 by Love Interiors, is a contemporary residence located in Dublin, Ireland.

Sleek living room with wall-mounted TV above a fireplace, plush seating,
Modern living room with sleek TV wall unit, gray sofa, and pink accent pillows
Contemporary living room with grey sofa, abstract art, and pink accents.
Contemporary dining space with wooden chairs and sheer curtains.
Sleek bedroom with white and wood finishes, pendant light, and blue head
Contemporary bedroom corner with abstract art, sleek nightstand, and elegant lamp.
Contemporary bedroom with a minimalistic nightstand and wall-mounted light.
Elegant bathroom with marble countertop, rectangular sink, and pink roses.
Contemporary bathroom with sleek wood cabinetry and wall-mounted toilet.

About Dublin House

Nestled in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, the Dublin House emerges as a beacon of contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary minds at Love Interiors in 2017, this residential masterpiece boasts clean lines, modern aesthetics, and a seamless flow between spaces that define luxury living.

Contemporary Elegance in Living Spaces

Entering the Dublin House, guests are greeted by a living room that epitomizes contemporary grace. Anchored by a sleek fireplace, the room balances warmth and sophistication. Plush seating invites conversation, while the mounted television hints at cozy family movie nights. The décor whispers a minimalistic yet inviting charm, setting the stage for the home’s unified interior narrative.

Sleek Functionality in the Bath

Transitioning to the bathroom, functionality meets elegance. The floating vanity, embellished with dark wood tones against a backdrop of muted grays, reflects a penchant for sleek design without sacrificing utility. Chrome fixtures glint beside soft textiles, a testament to Love Interiors’ meticulous attention to detail.

Further into the private quarters, the master bath marries simplicity with luxury. A vessel sink perches atop marble, surrounded by artisanal toiletries and vibrant flora, presenting a sanctuary where form and function are in perfect harmony.

Intimate Comfort in Personal Quarters

The bedrooms whisper a story of serene repose. In one, a gray upholstered headboard beckons restful slumber, while curated bedside vignettes offer a personalized touch. Across the hall, a bolder palette features a blue headboard, pairing with stark white linens to create a striking visual melody.

Each room, a chapter in the Dublin House’s narrative, flows effortlessly to the next, presenting a cohesive design symphony.

In the dining area, simplicity reigns. A robust table sets the scene for shared meals and memories, flanked by chairs that echo the home’s wooden textures. Overhead, a pendant light casts an ambient glow, ensuring this space for gathering shines as a centerpiece of the home.

Dublin House stands as a testament to Love Interiors’ philosophy: that a home should be a canvas for personal expression, grounded in design that speaks to the soul. It’s more than a house located in Dublin; it’s a contemporary homage to the art of living well.

Photography by Rachael Smith

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- by Matt Watts