Apartment in Dnipro by Tobi Architects

Located in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk, Apartment in Dnipro is a contemporary apartment designed in 2017 by Tobi Architects.

Cozy living room with built-in bookshelves, modern furnishings, and a glass-top coffee table.
Sleek modern living room with dark furniture, large windows, and minimalist decor.
A cozy, modern living room with a plush sofa, minimalist furnishings, and natural lighting.
Modern living room with large sectional sofa, TV display, and textured wall panel design.
A modern living room with green velvet sofa, large windows, and textured wall panels.
Minimalist living room with green sofa, white armchair, and floating shelves displaying decor.
Modern kitchen with sleek cabinetry, integrated appliances, and contrasting wood and stone finishes.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden shelving, beige curtains, and a green chevron feature wall.
Striking geometric tile pattern on bedroom wall, complemented by minimalist furnishings.
A modern, minimalist bathroom design featuring sleek fixtures, a wooden vanity, and an enclosed shower.
Sleek, modern bathroom with pendant lighting, wood-toned vanity, and minimalist design.
Modern bathroom with minimalist decor, sleek fixtures, and a combination of light and dark tones.

About Apartment in Dnipro

Modern Living Redefined

Designed for a young family valuing both modernity and coziness, this apartment epitomizes functional yet warm living spaces. To captivate the eye, we skillfully blended numerous hues, each radiating a unique warmth. For instance, the bathroom and wardrobe, drenched in a soothing gray-green, boast spacious bookshelves, embodying both style and utility.

Elegant Storage Solutions

In the heart of the home, a series of cabinets crafted from warm wood elegantly conceals a boiler and laundry appliances. This strategic move frees up precious space in the bathroom. Moreover, the light, monochromatic parquet, accentuated with delicate inlays, strikingly contrasts with the darker tones of the textiles, enhancing the room’s visual allure. The CeramicaBardelli tiles, adorning the TV wall, masterfully blend geometric patterns with subdued colors, adding a sophisticated touch.

A Kitchen That Inspires

The kitchen’s minimalist design features sleek, white cabinets that seamlessly blend into the walls, creating an illusion of boundless space. The integration of the working area with a dining table and bar invites family and guests alike to relish the stunning views of the Dnieper River. A cleverly designed standalone unit conceals built-in appliances, maintaining the kitchen’s sleek appearance.

A Tranquil Bedroom Retreat

In the bedroom, we adorned the accent walls with Arte wallpaper, boasting a bold graphic pattern. Beneath lies a layer of foam rubber, enhancing the room’s acoustic properties while adding a daring visual element. This choice not only elevates the room’s aesthetic but also ensures a serene, soundproof environment.

Sophisticated Bathroom Elegance

Echoing the bedroom’s design, the bathroom’s black tiles mirror the wallpaper’s intricate patterns. The integration of a marble countertop with wood paneling beneath the washbasin and bathtub infuses the black and white space with a touch of warmth. This thoughtful combination of materials crafts a bathroom that is both inviting and stylish, rounding off the apartment’s modern yet cozy atmosphere.

Visualizations courtesy of Tobi Architects

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- by Matt Watts