Status Apartment by Abis Dom

Status Apartment is a contemporary home located in the Russia’s fourth largest city of Novosibirsk, designed in 2017 by Abis Dom.

Elegant modern living room with plush gray sectional, warm curtains, and chic decor.
Modern, open-concept living space with plush gray sofas, wood-paneled cabinets, and sleek lighting.
Spacious room with concrete ceiling, large gray sectional sofa, and floor-to-ceiling curtains.
Striking industrial-style interior with wood paneling, concrete ceiling, and modern furnishings.
Modern kitchen and living room with minimalist furniture, concrete ceiling, and warm wood cabinetry.
Sleek modern kitchen with wood cabinetry, concrete ceilings, and stylish lighting fixtures.
A modern bathroom featuring a wooden vanity, large mirror, and marble tile walls.
Sleek modern bathroom with marble-like walls, wooden vanity, and vessel sink.

About Status Apartment

Contemporary Elegance in Novosibirsk

Embracing the vibrant heart of Novosibirsk, Russia, the Status Apartment—a contemporary gem designed by the esteemed Abis Dom in 2017—welcomes us with its sleek modernity. The exterior gives way to an interior that narrates the tale of modern luxury and sophistication.

A Living Room That Breathes Style

Stepping inside, we encounter the living room: a testament to the designer’s vision of chic comfort. The gray-scale palette is punctuated by bursts of mustard yellow, while daylight filters through gauzy curtains, casting a natural glow on the plush sofas. Here, one can effortlessly imagine the laughter of an evening’s gathering, the soft clink of glasses, the comfort of close friends.

Transitioning from relaxation to function, the adjoining kitchen space is a marvel of efficiency. Dark cabinetry contrasts with white countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances whisper promises of culinary adventures. The open floor plan allows conversations to flow as freely as the wine from the cooler.

Tranquility in Design: The Bathroom

A journey through the apartment leads us to the sanctuary of the bathroom. Minimalist fixtures stand against wooden accents and textured walls, creating an interplay of simplicity and warmth. The bathroom’s clean lines and uncluttered surfaces offer a retreat from the bustling energy of city life.

In the second bathroom, luxury takes a bold step with marble walls that speak of ancient opulence, yet firmly grounded in modern sensibilities. The glass shower cabin gleams, inviting one to wash away the day’s stresses under a cascade of warm water.

Through each room, the Status Apartment by Abis Dom stands as a paragon of contemporary design, weaving functionality with elegance. Its allure lies not just in its aesthetic, but in the promise of a lifestyle unbound by the ordinary. Here in the heart of Novosibirsk, life is nothing less than extraordinary.

Photography courtesy of Abis Dom

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- by Matt Watts