Amagansett North House by Berg Design

Located in Amagansett, New York, Amagansett North House is a modern private residence designed in 2013 by Berg Design.

Modern living room with wooden ceiling, large windows, and central fireplace.
Bright living room with wooden ceiling and large windows.
Modern living room with wooden ceiling, herringbone floor, and built-in TV
Modern kitchen interior with wood finishes and large windows.
Contemporary house with pool and wooden accents.
Modern house with large windows and wooden detailing in a grassy clearing.
Contemporary home with asymmetrical windows and wooden accents.
Contemporary house with illuminated facade and pool at dusk.

About Amagansett North House

Modern Elegance in Amagansett

Nestled in the tranquil landscapes of Amagansett, New York, the Amagansett North House emerges as a paragon of modern design. Conceived by Berg Design in 2013, this architectural gem harmonizes with its natural surroundings, offering an oasis for families to revel in the East End’s beauty. The home’s striking exterior invites you into a world where modern elegance and the serenity of nature coalesce.

A Seamless Transition

As dusk falls, the home’s exterior comes to life, illuminated by thoughtfully placed lighting that highlights its clean lines and warm wooden accents. The reflective tranquility of the pool mirrors the house’s glow, enhancing the sense of a continuous indoor-outdoor flow. This design intention becomes apparent as one enters the living room, where floor-to-ceiling windows erase boundaries, offering unobstructed views of the verdant landscape.

Warmth and Modernity Within

The interior speaks volumes with its understated luxury. The living room, adorned with a minimalist fireplace and sleek furnishings, sets the stage for intimate gatherings. Transitioning into the kitchen, the heart of the house, one is met with state-of-the-art appliances and a design that beckons culinary exploration. Wood elements and natural light dominate, fostering a welcoming ambiance throughout.

The design’s intelligence is evident as you move seamlessly into a cozy, yet modern media room. Here, the union of technology and comfort is perfected, encapsulating the essence of the home—a place where modern design elevates everyday living into an art form. In the Amagansett North House, every detail is a testament to the designer’s vision of blending the home into its environment, making it not just a house, but a retreat for the soul.

Photography by Edward Caruso

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- by Matt Watts