JI-House by Craft

Located in Yashio, Japan, JI-House is a modern two-story single family house designed in 2016 by Craft.

Sleek home interior with wood accents and staircase.
Contemporary kitchen with wooden ceiling and herringbone floor.
Modern dining area with a set table, pendant light, and view of a patio
Modern kitchen with wooden ceiling and floors, opening to an outdoor deck at night.
Contemporary terrace with seating and potted plants.
Modern hallway with wooden floor leading to a glass door and view of an outdoor deck
Contemporary bathroom with floating vanity and subway tiles.
Contemporary home with large windows and a wooden deck.
Modern two-story building with a minimalistic design and clear sky.

About JI-House

Welcome to JI-House: A Modern Haven in Yashio, Japan

Sleek Exteriors of JI-House

Craft’s JI-House emerges from Yashio, Japan’s landscape with a bold, modern statement. Designed in 2016, this two-story house presents a facade that juxtaposes clean lines with warm wood accents. The minimalist exterior conceals the depth of design within, inviting onlookers to discover its interior intricacies.

The Heart of JI-House: A Sun-Drenched Living Room

Stepping inside reveals a sun-soaked living room, where light cascades across rich wooden floors. Expansive glass panels frame the serene outdoor patio, marrying the interior with nature. Craft’s design maximizes space and natural light, epitomizing modern living aesthetics.

Fluid Transitions to the Dining and Kitchen Space

The journey continues into an open dining area, seamlessly connected to a state-of-the-art kitchen. Here, dark cabinetry contrasts with wooden overtones, echoing the exterior’s duality. Craft ensures that form meets function in a space where culinary experiences become memories.

Continuity in Design: Ascending to Private Quarters

A sleek staircase leads to the private sanctum above. Each step is a deliberate move towards personal space that promises rest and rejuvenation. The upper floors balance privacy with openness, a signature move by the designers at Craft.

A Study in Contrast: The JI-House Bathroom

In the bathroom, subway tiles and modern fixtures reflect a design ethos grounded in contrast and simplicity. The space offers a retreat, a modern oasis of calm within the bustling context of Yashio.

Intimate Outdoor Connectivity

Returning outdoors, the intimate patio space speaks to the Japanese sensibility of harmony. Here, the simplicity of the design invites quiet contemplation, embodying the tranquility that defines JI-House.

Craft’s JI-House stands as a beacon of modern design, a testament to thoughtful architecture that resonates with its environment. Nestled in Yashio, Japan, it awaits to offer an experience of serene, sophisticated living.

Photography courtesy of Craft

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- by Matt Watts