North Bondi II Residence by Tobias Partners

Designed in 2017 by Tobias Partners and Horizon, North Bondi II Residence is a modern single-family home located in Sydney, Australia.

Modern living room with white walls, artwork, and stylish furniture.
Contemporary dining space with vibrant artwork and eclectic chairs.
Contemporary staircase with vertical white bars and warm light accents.
Contemporary hallway with vertical slats, neon art, and abstract sculpture.
Contemporary bedroom with large window overlooking water.
Chic pink vanity with marble details and spherical lights.

About North Bondi II Residence

Transforming Bondi Beach Living

A stone’s throw from Bondi Beach’s shoreline in Sydney sits the North Bondi II Residence. Horizon, a Sydney-based family-owned builder, teamed up with Tobias Partners to morph the original 1980s beach house into a sleek, four-bedroom urban abode.

Challenges and Unique Features

The renovation posed significant challenges, including limited site access and the need for meticulous care in installing the internal finishes. Nevertheless, the team introduced unique features such as a copper fireplace, a pool carved into the existing rock, terrazzo flooring, and walls finished in beeswax plaster.

Initially, the home struggled with low ceilings and cramped service areas. However, by reinforcing the structure, the team managed to eliminate walls, ushering in spacious, open-plan living areas bathed in natural light.

A Modern Take on Coastal Living

Contrary to expectations, the owners desired a home that transcended the typical beach-house aesthetic. Spread across three levels, the residence boasts specialized rooms including a craft room, cinema, music room, a library that also serves as a guest room, and a grand living area offering expansive views of Bondi Beach.

This design not only accommodates a stunning array of artwork but also meets the practical needs of a vibrant, active family.

Collaboration at Its Finest

The project’s success hinged on the strong collaboration between Horizon and Tobias Partners, allowing them to swiftly tackle any arising issues. Horizon prides itself on working closely with Sydney’s finest architects and interior designers, bringing to life both residential and commercial visions.

In crafting the North Bondi II Residence, the team has set a new standard for modern coastal living, proving that challenges can indeed lead to innovation and beauty.

Photography courtesy of Tobias Partners

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- by Matt Watts