Aragón Apartment by Miriam Barrio Studio

Designed in 2017 by Miriam Barrio Studio, Aragón Apartment is a luxurious mid-century apartment located in Barcelona, Spain.

Elegant living room with white built-in bookshelves, a marble table,
Elegant living room with white sofa, marble table, herringbone floor,
Modern living room with white decor and adjoining blue dining area.
Modern dining room with blue walls, wooden table, black chairs, and chandelier
Elegant reading nook with a gray chair, side table, and white built
Elegant interior with herringbone floor and sleek furniture
A modern bedroom with pink walls, built-in shelves, and a view into an
Elegant bathroom with clawfoot tub, gold fixtures, and olive walls.
Elegant bathroom with clawfoot tub and brass fixtures

About Aragón Apartment

Transforming Spaces: A Bright New Beginning

Our team faced the challenge of converting a dark, dated floor into a luminous dwelling. By reimagining the layout and reorienting the common areas, we now have light streaming from one end to the other. Consequently, previously unused spaces, such as corridors and halls, now seamlessly integrate into the home, bathing every corner in light.

Golden Touches and Bold Colors

Throughout the residence, we strategically placed golden accents on items like lamps, furniture, and decor. These luxurious touches harmoniously blend with the bold use of color. In the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, vibrant hues make a definitive statement, creating spaces full of character and personality.

A Striking Kitchen Contrast

The kitchen stands out with its deep blue night color, offering a dramatic contrast to the classic white living spaces. This daring choice interrupts the flow, yet it perfectly complements the surrounding palette.

Unique Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In the bedrooms and bathrooms, we’ve continued to infuse each space with its unique charm. Bright colors coexist with black and gold elements, crafting an unforgettable living experience. Each room tells its own story, inviting inhabitants into a world where color and light play a pivotal role.

In this journey of transformation, we’ve not only revitalized a space but also redefined the essence of home. By embracing bold colors, luxurious details, and strategic design, we’ve created an environment where every moment becomes a vibrant experience.

Photography courtesy of Miriam Barrio Studio

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- by Matt Watts