Apartment in Netanya by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

Apartment in Netanya is an amazing home designed in 2018 by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio located in Netanya, Israel.

Contemporary living room with sleek furnishings and bookshelf wall.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and built-in bookshelf.
Contemporary living room with sleek furniture and wood panel walls.
Modern kitchen and dining area with sleek furniture and neutral colors.
Modern kitchen interior with island, cabinets, and dining area.
Modern kitchen with island leading to a sunny open-plan living space and ocean view.
Sleek interior with wooden slat walls and minimalist furniture.
Minimalist interior with ocean view, white decor, and abundant natural light.
Modern bedroom with large windows and coastal view.
Minimalist bathroom with a freestanding tub and gray tile walls.

About Apartment in Netanya

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Seamless Integration of Nature and Design

From every window, the sea unfolds before us. To capture and extend the horizon’s essence indoors, we introduced a brass element. This feature weaves through the wood-clad walls, blending sharp angles with gentle curves, and infusing the space with a sense of movement.

A Symphony of Function and Form

The wood walls cleverly disguise various functionalities and secret pathways to the residence’s secluded sectors. Our vision aimed for a cohesive space, achieving elegance and precision effortlessly. Overcoming intricate challenges stylishly was paramount, echoing the client’s desire for a nature-embraced haven, coupled with modern warmth.

A Tripartite Layout

The layout segregates into three distinct wings. The north wing shelters bedrooms and guest rooms, while service areas occupy the south wing. These wings merge seamlessly into the central area through concealed doors, integrating flawlessly with the wooden facade.

Furthermore, we selected terrazzo flooring as the foundation for this rich, indoor and outdoor tapestry. This choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also anchors the home’s design in durability and style.

Photography courtesy of Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

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- by Matt Watts