NP Apartment by LD Studio

NP Apartment is an inspiring brick apartment located in Skopje, Macedonia, designed in 2017 by LD Studio.

Modern room with brick wall, teal sofa, yellow chairs, and wooden floors.
Modern living room with blue sofa, brick wall, and wooden floor.
Cozy living room with exposed brick wall, teal sofa, yellow armchair,
Modern living room with a teal sofa, wooden floors, and a bookcase room
Modern interior with wooden shelving unit, TV, and dining area in the background
A contemporary dining room with colorful artwork and yellow accents.
Contemporary dining space with a wooden table, black chairs, and a colorful artwork
Modern kitchen viewed from a dining table with hanging lights.
Contemporary kitchen with wooden cabinets and central island.
Contemporary bathroom with wooden walls and illuminated mirror.

About NP Apartment

Nestled in the heart of Skopje, Macedonia, the NP Apartment, designed by LD Studio in 2017, stands as a beacon of modern interior design that embraces the warm, historical allure of brick.

Modern Meets Historical: The NP Apartment

Upon entering the NP Apartment, one is greeted by a living room that effortlessly fuses modern sensibilities with a rustic brick backdrop. The exposed brick walls bring a touch of history and character, harmoniously juxtaposed with contemporary furniture and vibrant art. LD Studio’s design anchors the space with a bold, teal sofa complemented by mustard accents, invoking a sense of comfort and style.

Transitioning to the kitchen, the narrative of modernity interwoven with classic elements continues. The space is delineated by a sleek black frame that mirrors the apartment’s exterior, encapsulating a state-of-the-art kitchen with clean lines and wood finishes. A generous island doubles as a dining area, inviting interaction and culinary exploration.

Simplicity and Elegance: The Private Quarters

In the private quarters, simplicity reigns with a minimalistic bathroom. Here, LD Studio’s expert touch is evident in the uncluttered design, featuring wooden accents and modern lighting—a sanctuary of tranquility and modern luxury.

The dining room complements the kitchen’s design, with wood and black elements creating a cohesive aesthetic. A long, inviting table promises gatherings and memories, while the intelligent use of lighting accentuates the room’s modern art.

Cohesive Design: A Seamless Flow

Concluding the tour, one finds themselves back in the embrace of the living area. The design comes full circle with a consistent palette and decor, uniting the apartment’s various elements. The open shelving, brimming with books, personalizes the space, ensuring that the NP Apartment isn’t just a showcase of design but a home that tells its own unique story.

In every corner of the NP Apartment, LD Studio’s meticulous design embodies a balanced blend of modern flair and timeless brick elegance, setting a new standard for residential interiors in Skopje.

Photography courtesy of LD Studio

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- by Matt Watts