Villa Slow by Laura Alvarez

Located in Valle del Miera, Cantabria, Spain, Villa Slow is an inspiring weekend residence redesigned in 2017 by Laura Alvarez.

Modern kitchen interior with a dining table, wooden ceiling, and large windows.
Contemporary living space with wooden accents and expansive window.
Modern kitchen with wooden dining area and scenic view through large window.
Contemporary living room with exposed beams, fireplace, and large windows
Minimalist living space with large windows and countryside views.
Minimalist bedroom with white bedding, wooden walls, and a ladder to a loft
Minimalist bedroom with wooden ceiling, simple furniture, and garden view.
Minimalist bathroom with wooden countertop and white fixtures.
Modern house with large glass doors opening to a patio and green lawn.
Stone house with large glass doors and wooden shutters.
Stone cottage with large windows and wooden shutters.
Stone cottage with large window and wooden doors in a grassy field.

About Villa Slow

Eco-Conscious Design Meets Tradition

Villa Slow stands as a testament to mindful design and attention to detail. Crafted with respect for the environment, it marries the traditional Pasiego House (Cabana Pasiega) style with a modern twist. The villa’s exterior, featuring rough stone walls and roofs, beautifully contrasts with the interior’s delicate wooden structures and detailing. Meanwhile, two expansive panoramic windows in the living room frame the majestic scenery of mountains, clouds, and trees, offering viewers a captivating natural tableau from opposite directions. Additionally, the villa’s spacious rooms boast high ceilings and flexible layouts to accommodate various living arrangements, from couples to families and friends, each complemented by fully equipped, accessible bathrooms.

Natural Spring Oasis

Nestled in a unique natural setting renowned for its spring water, Villa Slow benefits from its very own spring. This feature underscores the villa’s harmony with its surroundings and offers guests the purest water experience.

Sustainability at Heart

Dedicated to sustainable living, Villa Slow exemplifies a passive house. It integrates a heat pump, underfloor heating, and superior insulation and windows to minimize heat loss. The villa embraces energy efficiency with A+++ electronic appliances and LED lighting. High-performance glass warms the interior during winter, while large wooden shutters shield it from summer heat. Moreover, Villa Slow’s construction materials, either repurposed from an old stone shed or sourced locally from Cantabria, emphasize its commitment to environmental stewardship and local heritage.

Through each thoughtful detail, Villa Slow not only provides a luxurious retreat but also stands as a beacon of eco-friendly and sustainable architectural design.

Photography by David Montero

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- by Matt Watts