House in Franklinford by Modscape

House in Franklinford is a modern private residence located in Franklinford, Australia, designed in 2017 by Modscape.

Modern living room with large windows, sectional sofa, and a wooden table, overlooking
Minimalist kitchen with a unique branching light fixture and sleek furnishings.
Modern room with large windows overlooking a grassy field.
Modern house exterior with large glass doors and sunset in the background.
Contemporary house with angled roof and expansive windows at dusk.
Modern house with large windows at dusk.
Minimalist building with sunset peeking through, against open sky.
Contemporary house with a minimalist design in a grassy field.
Modern house with large windows in a grassy field under a blue sky.

About House in Franklinford

Sustainable Living in the Heart of Nature

Perched serenely in an open field, an off-the-grid house marries breathtaking views with stellar environmental performance. Nestled in Victoria’s Central Highlands, this residence in Franklinford offers a tranquil retreat for two families. It stands as a testament to rural serenity, inviting extended family members to gather, unwind, and delight in the countryside.

A Nod to Agricultural Elegance

Drawing inspiration from local farm structures, the house sports a modular design with a Colorbond exterior and Vitrabond accents. However, it’s the radially sawn timber board & batten that steals the spotlight. This inviting façade hides a peaceful haven within, while its elongated shape ensures privacy and seclusion.

Inside, a light material palette brightens spacious interiors. White walls, a marble-effect Caesarstone benchtop, and sleek white laminate joinery stand in striking contrast to dark oak floors.

Designed for Living and Entertaining

The heart of the home beats in the expansive living wing, distinct from the private bedrooms. Here, floor-to-ceiling windows open onto a sunny, north-facing deck, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Upon entry, the view of paddocks and a creek captivates, inviting guests to relax and soak in the beauty. A practical mudroom with outdoor access, complete with a seat for removing boots, underscores the thoughtful design.

Embracing Off-Grid Innovation

Sustainability defines every facet of this home. A nearby shed houses the solar panels and storage, while a massive 80,000L (21,133 gallons) water tank supports the household’s needs. Incorporating Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), the construction ensures a well-insulated envelope, optimizing energy use. Oriented to bask in winter sunlight, the house employs carefully designed eaves and thermally efficient, double-glazed windows to minimize summer heat gain.

This sanctuary not only embraces off-grid living but does so without sacrificing comfort or style, proving that sustainable design and rural charm can coexist beautifully.

Photography by John Madden

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- by Matt Watts