L House by Ábaton Arquitectura

Designed in 2015 by Ábaton Arquitectura, L House is a contemporary single-family house located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain.

Contemporary living room with minimalist decor and natural light.
Modern living room with large window overlooking garden, red sofa, and chair.
Contemporary living room with red sofas, concrete shelves, and large windows overlooking green
Contemporary room with modular shelving and wooden steps.
Modern home interior with staircase and open shelving.
Modern dining room with a long table, chairs, and pendant lights.
Contemporary dining room with sleek table, floor-to-ceiling windows, and copper
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, island, and stools near a large window.
Minimalist kitchen with white cabinetry and a breakfast bar.
Bright reading nook with mustard chair, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, and
Minimalist bedroom with large window overlooking trees.
Minimalist bedroom with large window and sleek furniture.
Sleek patio with minimalist furniture overlooking a garden
Modern outdoor patio with furniture and trees
Modern house with pool and manicured lawn.

About L House

Revitalizing Tradition: A Modern Take on a 1960s Home

The journey to create a home, not just a house, led the owners to select a 1960s residence, craving the essence of “home.” They aimed for a space that marries contemporary architecture with the warmth of established surroundings. Thus, refurbishing an existing structure, complete with a mature garden, became our shared vision.

Blurring the Lines: Inside Meets Outside

Our design strategy sought to “perforate” the home’s facade. Instead of merely opening the house to the garden, we invited the garden to gaze into the house. This approach carved out various voids in the architecture, allowing nature to weave seamlessly into the living spaces.

For example, we reimagined the main staircase as an extension of the outdoors. Similarly, we transformed the longitudinal porch, integrating the kitchen into this outdoor space, thereby erasing traditional boundaries.

A Living Room with Layers

The living room presented a unique challenge with its three distinct levels. We preserved this tripartite division, focusing on enhancing the central space to foster warmth within the openness.

Integrating Design Elements

From the beginning, we engaged our clients in a holistic architectural philosophy. This vision encompasses not just the physical structure, but also the integration of furniture, textures, materials, and landscaping. Every detail meticulously contributes to the overall ambiance, characterizing a unique lifestyle.

A Homely Conclusion: Unity with Nature

The outcome is a home that exudes warmth, openness, and a profound connection with nature. It stands as a testament to the idea that modern interventions can enhance, rather than overshadow, the intrinsic character of a place, making it feel as though it has always belonged.

Photography by Carlos Muntadas Prim

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- by Matt Watts