Baomaru House by Rieuldorang Atelier

Located in South Korea, Baomaru House is a contemporary private residence designed in 2016 by Rieuldorang Atelier.

Modern house with a large white frame facade, balcony, and person standing above a
Geometric white building with person at entrance, blue fence, and green backdrop.
Modern house balcony with geometric design, overlooking a pool.
Modern interior with wooden staircase, high ceilings, and large windows.
Cozy wooden loft with skylight above a home office nook.
Minimalist attic room with wooden finishes and a person reading by the window.
Minimalist attic room with skylight and wooden furniture.
Modern kitchen with wooden countertop and recessed lighting.
Modern bathroom with wooden slats, concrete walls, and white fixtures.
Contemporary house with an infinity pool and geometric design, overlooking mountains.
Contemporary home with geometric facade and pool at dusk.

About Baomaru House

Embracing Nature Through Design

Our client sought to escape the hustle of city life for the tranquility of the forest. They envisioned a life intertwined with nature, only to find their dream threatened by encroaching development plans. This irony, where their pursuit of nature led to its potential loss, presented a unique challenge.

A Creative Solution

Moved by their plight, we aimed to showcase the value of nature through our architectural solution. Our approach? To highlight nature’s importance through a deliberate design paradox. This method involved flipping traditional roles: making the earth a habitat for humans and the house, a sanctuary for nature.

Redefining Spaces

Typically, we view the earth as a cradle for nature and houses as shelters for humans. Challenging this norm, we envisioned a world where these roles are reversed. This led us to ponder a critical question:

“What exists for humans, and what exists for nature?”

This query delves into the complex interplay between humans and nature. By contemplating it, we invite a deeper appreciation for nature’s irreplaceable value. Our project stands as a testament to the possibility of coexistence with nature, urging us to reconsider our relationship with the natural world.

Photography courtesy of Rieuldorang Atelier

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- by Matt Watts