Coastal Contemporary by The Decorators Unlimited

Designed in 2018 by The Decorators Unlimited, Coastal Contemporary is a lovely single-family residence located in Florida, United States.

Contemporary living room with sleek fireplace and wood-paneled wall.
Modern living room with sofa, chairs, and large wall-mounted TV.
Contemporary home office with glass partition and wooden accents.
Elegant kitchen with white cabinetry, central island, and pendant lights.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets and island connected to a dining area with a wooden table
Contemporary dining room with sleek furniture and large windows.

About Coastal Contemporary

Nestled in the sun-drenched environs of Florida, the ‘Coastal Contemporary’ emerges as a paragon of modern design, envisioned by the renowned Decorators Unlimited in 2018. This Florida house epitomizes the essence of contemporary real estate, blending style with serenity.

Inviting Contemporary Elegance

Upon entry, the living room sets a tranquil tone with its plush, neutral-toned furnishings contrasted against rich, dark wooden panels. A sleek, linear fireplace acts as a central hearth, inviting guests to gather and bask in the warmth and understated luxury that defines Coastal Contemporary.

Dining in Style

Transitioning into the dining area, the narrative of elegance continues. Here, a stately table surrounded by chic, white chairs underlines the home’s modern pedigree. Natural light floods through generous windows, offering views of the lush Floridian flora, seamlessly integrating the outdoors with the home’s refined interior.

Culinary Perfection

The kitchen, a masterpiece of functionality and design, boasts state-of-the-art appliances and a spacious island. It’s a culinary enthusiast’s dream, where form meets function in a dance of contemporary sophistication. Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining nook offers a more intimate setting for meals, its elegant fixtures casting a soft glow over the dark wood and white upholstery.

In each corner of Coastal Contemporary, one finds a harmonious balance between aesthetics and comfort, a testament to the vision of The Decorators Unlimited. This is not merely a house; it’s a beacon of contemporary design, a tranquil sanctuary crafted with precision and intent in the heart of Florida.

Photography courtesy of The Decorators Unlimited

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- by Matt Watts