G2-House by Architect Show

Located in Fukuoka, Japan, G2-House is a futuristic single-story residence designed by Architect Show.

Angular white homes with wood accents under a clear sky.
Contemporary living space with wooden ceiling beams and a large gray sofa.
Contemporary living room with wooden slatted ceiling and oversized floor lamp.
Modern living room with wooden floors, ceiling, and a black sofa.
Modern living room with wooden floors, ceiling, and furniture, lit by strip lighting
Contemporary interior with wooden slats ceiling and LED strips.
Contemporary interior with wooden beams, dining table, and ambient lighting.
Contemporary courtyard with sliding glass doors and minimalist furniture.
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About G2-House

In the heart of Fukuoka, Japan, Architect Show defies tradition with the G2-House, a single-story home that encapsulates a futuristic vision. This abode stands as a testament to innovation in modern living.

Sleek Exterior

The G2-House greets with a striking facade, its angular forms slicing through the blue sky. White walls contrast with warm wooden accents, creating an inviting yet bold statement. This is futuristic design rooted in comfort, crafted for the discerning individual.

Tranquil Courtyard

Transitioning from the dynamic exterior, a serene courtyard awaits. Enclosed by glass, it serves as a private oasis, bridging the gap between indoor comfort and the freedom of the outdoors. It’s a space that invites reflection amid the rush of urban life.

Living Spaces

Inside, the living room unfolds in an open expanse, wood and light crisscrossing to create a tapestry of shadows and warmth. The dining area, set against a backdrop of minimalist elegance, offers a space where flavors and conversation intertwine effortlessly.

A harmonious blend of privacy and openness defines the bedrooms, where tranquility reigns supreme. Here, the day’s end promises rest in spaces that whisper of tailored luxury.

The G2-House by Architect Show is more than a residence—it’s a piece of the future, brought into the present. It’s where design meets function in a symphony of spaces that both inspire and comfort, a true architectural marvel nestled in the vibrant landscape of Fukuoka.

Photography by Ikuma Satoshi

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- by Matt Watts