Kent Apartment by Gruppo Lithos Architettura

Designed in 2018 by Gruppo Lithos Architettura, Kent Apartment is a modern home located in Cervia, Italy.

Contemporary kitchen with wood accents and globe pendant lights.
Contemporary dining and living area with blue accents and vertical wooden slats.
Contemporary dining space with blue walls and wooden accents.
Small, tidy room with a blue theme, bed, built-in desk, chair
A small bedroom with purple shelving, white walls, and a single bed.
Contemporary bedroom with mauve walls and built-in shelving.
Modern bathroom sink with a mosaic tile backsplash.
Contemporary balcony with wooden table, black chairs, and brick wall.

About Kent Apartment

The Allure of Modern Living: Kent Apartment

Nestled in the serene landscape of Cervia, Italy, the Kent Apartment emerges as a beacon of modern architecture. Designed in 2018 by the innovative minds at Gruppo Lithos Architettura, this apartment stands as a testament to contemporary design. As you approach the exterior, the play of brick and wood on the balcony offers a prelude to the sophistication within.

Inside Kent: A Journey Through Modern Spaces

Step inside and the journey begins in a dining area where simplicity and elegance meet. The clean lines of the light wood cabinetry and the trio of spherical pendants whisper modernity. Here, the designer’s choice of muted tones and natural light sets a tranquil mood. Transitioning to the balcony, the space expands with a minimalistic wooden table that echoes the interior’s warmth against the lush backdrop of Italian pines.

The bathroom reveals meticulous attention to detail, with penny tiles creating a textured oasis. The subtle placement of deep blue accents complements the crisp white fixtures, inviting a sense of calm. Moving into the bedroom, the narrative of modern design continues. A bold, mauve feature wall encases built-in shelving, an innovative use of space and color that encapsulates the apartment’s aesthetic.

Cohesion and Contrast: A Designer’s Vision

Further exploration unveils a second bedroom where functionality and style converge. The muted teal cabinetry juxtaposed with natural wood shelving showcases the designer’s flair for blending colors and materials. Lastly, the living area unites the apartment’s design elements with its sleek furniture and harmonious color palette. The thoughtful placement of artwork and decor culminates the Kent Apartment experience, leaving a lasting impression of Gruppo Lithos Architettura’s modern masterpiece.

Photography courtesy of Gruppo Lithos Architettura

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- by Matt Watts