Golden Beach Residence by SDH Studio

Golden Beach Residence is a contemporary two-story house located in Golden Beach, Florida, designed in 2017 by SDH Studio – Architecture and Design.

Modern two-story house with large windows and a flat roof at dusk.
Modern two-story house with large windows and a flat roof at dusk.
Modern two-story house with large windows, poolside patio, and loungers surrounded
Sleek white villa with expansive glass windows and a pool.
Modern backyard with pool, patio furniture, and a lush garden.
Modern interior with floating staircase, open space, and people.
Contemporary living room with minimalist decor and clean lines.
Minimalist entryway with floating staircase and large windows.
Sleek kitchen with wood accents and large windows.
Bright home office with floor-to-ceiling windows and artwork.
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, glass shower, double vanity, and
Modern bathroom with glass shower and freestanding bathtub.
Minimalist bathroom with cylindrical sink and metallic pendant light.

About Golden Beach Residence

Elevate Your Living: A Verdant Gateway

A striking vertical louvred gateway, adorned with cascading planters, welcomes you to this 3-story marvel. It feels like a verdant waterfall majestically spills down the exterior walls. Clean lines and bold elements define the architecture, while natural cladding seamlessly softens the overall aesthetic.

A Warm Embrace: Wood-Clad Wonder

Wood entirely crafts the outer layer, infusing the home with warmth and an organic touch. Interestingly, the main facade faces the waterfront, located at the property’s rear. This strategic placement ensures breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere.

Layered Living: A Journey Through Space

As you journey through the home, you encounter various layers. The ground floor emerges as a vibrant social hub, fostering connections and gatherings. Ascend to the second floor, and you find a more intimate setting, perfect for quiet moments. The third floor offers the ultimate in privacy, a sanctuary perched high above.

Outdoor Elegance: Luxurious Amenities

Horizontal and vertical elements blend harmoniously here. The gate and garage stretch out, while the living spaces rise gracefully above. A gazebo/cabana stands as a charming retreat, its roof offering shade and protection. The ensemble of a pool deck, lap pool (25 meters long [82 feet]), and jacuzzi completes the luxurious amenities, ensuring leisure and relaxation are always within reach.

In this home, every detail contributes to a living experience that’s as enriching as it is beautiful, blending architecture with nature in a symphony of style and comfort.

Photography by Libertad Rodriguez

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- by Matt Watts