Buonarroti Apartment by Luca Campo Reale

Located in Buccinasco, Italy, Buonarroti Apartment is an inspiring contemporary home designed in 2016 by Luca Campo Reale.

Modern living room with blue sofa, wooden floor, and two people in kitchen area
Modern kitchen interior with people walking in the background.
Modern kitchen with island leading to open-plan living area.
Contemporary bedroom with teal bed frame and minimalist decor.
A modern bedroom with a brown dog on the bed and minimalistic decor.
A modern home interior showing a bedroom doorway leading to a bathroom.
Modern bathroom with wood flooring, gray walls, and white fixtures.
Modern bathroom with cylindrical sink and wall-mounted faucets.
Modern bathroom with dark walls, shower head, and skylight.

About Buonarroti Apartment

Nestled in the picturesque town of Buccinasco, Italy, the Buonarroti Apartment stands as a testament to contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary designer Luca Campo Reale in 2016, this apartment embodies modern living with a touch of Italian flair.

A Contemporary Welcome

Upon entering, one is immediately greeted by the spacious living room. Its expansive windows draw in the Italian sun, casting a warm glow on the hardwood floors. The room boasts a minimalist elegance, punctuated by a sleek, grey sofa that whispers comfort and a column that stands as an ode to classical architecture.

Culinary Chic

Transitioning to the kitchen, functionality marries style on the culinary stage. The kitchen island, an epitome of modern design, invites both social gatherings and gastronomic adventures. A Bonsai tree adds a living sculpture to the space, symbolizing harmony and precision, much like the apartment’s design.

Sanctuaries of Solitude

The bathroom reveals a contrast of light and shadow, with a dark palette that evokes a serene, spa-like atmosphere. Sleek fixtures reflect the contemporary ethos of the apartment, ensuring that even the most private spaces are not devoid of design.

In the bedroom, tranquility takes center stage. The teal headboard and matching ceiling give a pop of vibrant color against the neutral walls, creating an environment of calm and restfulness. It is a sanctuary where one can retreat and rejuvenate.

As we explore further, each room tells a part of the Buonarroti story. From the cylindrical sink that challenges conventional bathroom aesthetics to the wooden accents that bring warmth and life, Luca Campo Reale’s vision for a contemporary Italian home truly comes to life. Each element, carefully chosen and thoughtfully placed, contributes to the overall tapestry of modern elegance and comfort.

In the Buonarroti Apartment, every corner is a statement of modern design, every view a portrait of Italian luxury. It is more than an apartment; it is a work of art where living becomes an experience, all set within the heart of Buccinasco’s beauty.

Photography by Davide Galli

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- by Matt Watts