Ashburton Treehouse

Ashburton Treehouse is an inspiring dwelling located in Ashburton, Melbourne, Australia.

Contemporary living room with large window seat and neutral tones.
Cozy living room with leather sofa, large window, and wall art.
Contemporary kitchen with wooden floors and geometric bar stools.
Contemporary bedroom with gray walls, gallery art, and textured bedding.
Modern bathroom with wooden vanity, vessel sink, and pendant lights.
Modern bathroom interior with wooden vanity, pendant lights, and gray tiles.
Contemporary bathroom with glass wall overlooking garden
Stylish bathroom with patterned wallpaper, wooden vanity, and pendant light.

About Ashburton Treehouse

Nestled Among Nature: The Ashburton Treehouse

In the heart of Melbourne, Australia, the Ashburton Treehouse redefines eclectic living with its 2016 design. Its architect weaves the wild outdoors into every room, offering a retreat that blurs the lines between inside and out.

A Living Space Rooted in Comfort

Step inside and find a living room that breathes tranquility. Dark walls contrast with the lush greenery framed by large windows, inviting the calming essence of the treehouse theme. Leather couches add a touch of classic comfort, balancing the modern and the timeless.

Transition to the dining area, where natural light spills over woven chairs and a robust wooden table. It’s an intimate setting that pays homage to the surrounding flora, a space where meals become gatherings and conversations flow as easily as the nearby Yarra River.

An Eclectic Blend in the Heart of the Home

The kitchen stands out with sleek, gray cabinetry, accented by a large, rustic clock. Here, culinary arts meet design, with state-of-the-art appliances tucked beneath wooden shelves that echo the trees outside.

In the bathroom, the narrative continues. Floor-to-ceiling tiles in muted earth tones meet vibrant greenery peeping through the glass, creating an oasis for rejuvenation. Overhead, pendant lights cast a warm glow over the wooden vanity, a nod to the home’s naturalistic heart.

The bedroom is a sanctuary of layered textures. Knitted throws and patterned pillows adorn the bed, set against a gallery wall that tells a story in pictures. A large mirror reflects the room’s depth, crafting an alcove of reflection and peace.

Finally, the staircase stands as a sculptural element. Wooden slats reaching upwards mimic the trunks of trees, leading the gaze—and the journey—through the levels of this unique home.

The Ashburton Treehouse is more than a structure; it’s a living, breathing space where design embraces nature. It’s a testament to the architect’s vision, a real estate masterpiece that embodies Melbourne’s spirit of eclectic creativity.

Photography by mayphotography

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- by Matt Watts