Casa Luum by Pedro Domingos Arquitectos

Casa Luum is a modern minimalist residence located in Agostos, Algarve, Portugal, designed by Pedro Domingos Arquitectos.

Minimalist living room with sleek fireplace and neutral tones.
Minimalist kitchen with white cabinetry and retro fridge.
Minimalist dining area with a wooden table, chairs, and a pendant light.
Minimalist bedroom with a large window and neutral colors.
Contemporary bathroom with floating vanity and walk-in shower.
Minimalist patio with a sleek pool, white walls, and outdoor dining furniture.
Minimalist outdoor space with white walls, a small pool, and concrete stairs.
Minimalist white patio with a single tree at twilight.
White minimalist terrace with tree, chair, and scenic view at dusk.

About Casa Luum

Casa Luum: A Modern Marvel in Algarve

Nestled in the serene hills of Agostos, Algarve, Portugal, Casa Luum emerges as a beacon of modern minimalism. Designed by the esteemed Pedro Domingos Arquitectos, this house, conceived in the latest architectural ethos, stands as a testament to contemporary living. The year of design remains etched in its clean lines and stark, functional beauty.

Sculptural Simplicity: The Exterior

As you approach Casa Luum, the first encounter is with its strikingly sculptural form. Crisp white walls rise against the lush Algarve landscape, creating a stark contrast that catches the eye immediately. The outdoor space embraces the rugged charm of its location, with native trees punctuating the skyline and a rooftop terrace offering a panoramic embrace of the tranquil surroundings. Each element, from the staircase that seems to carve through the air to the shimmering, secluded pool, is a deliberate stroke of design brilliance.

Inside Casa Luum: A Tour of Elegance

Transitioning indoors, the living room greets guests with its spacious embrace. Sunlight pours through large windows, casting a natural spotlight on the minimalist furniture that adorns the space. A sleek fireplace anchors the room, promising warmth and intimacy.

Adjacent to the living area, the kitchen stands as a paragon of modern functionality. Outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances and a central island, it’s a space where form meets function, surrounded by unadorned walls that echo the home’s minimalist mantra.

The dining area, a seamless extension of the kitchen, features a long wooden table that invites communal dining. Its simplicity is its charm, offering a space for gatherings illuminated by the gentle glow of a pendant light.

In Casa Luum’s bathroom, the design shifts to incorporate elemental textures. Concrete and tile converge in a symphony of clean lines and muted tones, with a round mirror reflecting the room’s understated elegance.

Retreat to the bedrooms, where tranquility reigns. The rooms, flooded with light from windows that frame nature as art, offer a sanctuary of calm. The furnishings whisper rather than shout, allowing the outside world to provide the only necessary adornment.

Casa Luum, a real estate masterpiece, stands as a tribute to the beauty of modern design. Pedro Domingos Arquitectos has etched a narrative of space, light, and form in the heart of Portugal, inviting occupants to dwell in a piece of architectural poetry.

Photography by Alexander Bogorodskiy

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- by Matt Watts