Everson by Michelle Berwick

Designed in 2018 by Michelle Berwick, Everson is a contemporary home situated in Canada.

Contemporary living room with neutral tones and minimal decor.
Modern living room with TV, white shelving, and colorful ottomans.
Modern kitchen interior with white cabinets, island, and pendant lights.
Contemporary home office with white desk, black accents, and tan chair.
Minimalist home office with white cabinets, blue chairs, and colorful rug.
Playful kids' room with a tent-shaped nook, whimsical wall decor
Bright bedroom with two pink tufted beds and patterned curtains.
Chic bedroom with black panel wall, bright yellow door, and patterned accents
Chic bathroom with black vanity, gold fixtures, and patterned floor.
Modern bathroom with patterned floor, white subway tiles, and black fixtures.

About Everson

Welcome to Everson, a masterpiece of contemporary design by Michelle Berwick, nestled in the heart of Canada. Designed in 2018, this exquisite house stands as a testament to modern living with a touch of timeless elegance.

Sleek and Modern Living

Upon entering, the living room greets visitors with a serene palette, grounded by plush furnishings and accented by bold artwork. The perfect balance of comfort and chic, this space exemplifies contemporary design, blending form with function.

Transitioning to the kitchen, the heart of Everson, one finds a harmonious blend of crisp white cabinets and soft pastel hues. Here, functionality meets sophistication, with state-of-the-art appliances and sleek surfaces creating an inviting space for culinary creativity.

Elegance in Utility

The bathrooms reveal a keen eye for detail and luxury, one featuring bold, patterned floor tiles against a backdrop of pristine white, while another boasts sleek black accents, providing a modern twist to daily rituals.

In the bedrooms, comfort takes center stage with plush fabrics and soft lighting, crafting spaces that promise rest and rejuvenation. The master suite, with its bold black paneling and vibrant yellow accents, offers a luxurious retreat.

Creative Spaces

The children’s room and play areas are thoughtfully designed, vibrant and imaginative, ensuring spaces where creativity can flourish. Meanwhile, the home office areas blend productivity with style, featuring clean lines and modern fixtures, conducive to both work and inspiration.

Each space within Everson, from the playful nooks to the expansive living areas, speaks to a narrative of contemporary elegance, designed not just for living, but for experiencing life in its fullest expression.

Photography by Larry Arnal

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- by Matt Watts