Soft Loft by Line Architects

Soft Loft is a modern loft apartment located in Chisinau, Moldova, designed in 2018 by Line Architects.

Minimalist interior with exposed brick, sleek kitchen, and plush sofa.
Modern living room with white sectional sofa, exposed brick wall, and built-in shelves
Modern living room with a large bookshelf, brick wall, and track lighting.
Modern kitchen interior with minimalist design and a person standing by counter.
Sleek kitchen with white cabinetry, wood accents, and exposed brick wall
Chic dining space with projector screen, minimalist furniture, and exposed brick wall.
Minimalist bedroom with exposed concrete, brick wall, and wooden details.
Minimalist bedroom with an unmade bed, striped rug, and bare concrete ceiling
Modern bedroom with bed, freestanding bathtub, and contrasting rustic and sleek design
Minimalist interior with natural wood accents and sleek furniture.

About Soft Loft

Urban Oasis: A Creative Couple’s Rooftop Retreat

This unique living space captivates with the charm of a rooftop house, offering one of the city’s most stunning panoramic views. Occupying the top floor, this apartment transforms into a sprawling haven for a young, creative couple.

Seamlessly Blended Living Areas

Here, the layout cleverly divides into functional zones, each boasting its own private terrace. Moreover, the living room, dining area, and kitchen merge into a cohesive space. An island sofa anchors the living area, complemented by wall projections for entertainment. Meanwhile, an unconventional dining table seats seven, adjacent to a sleek, minimalist kitchen.

Private Sanctuary for Two

The bedroom area emerges as a secluded retreat, integrating sleeping quarters, a bathroom, and a dressing room into a unified, intimate space. This design fosters both privacy and connection, creating a perfect escape for the couple.

A Tapestry of Textures and Tones

Interior design plays on soft contrasts, balancing rough with smooth textures and combining stark materials with elegant finishes. This juxtaposition of cold and warm hues injects life into the industrial framework, making the apartment not only visually striking but also warmly inviting.

Despite the industrial vibe and the diverse materials used, the apartment exudes a soft, warm, and cozy atmosphere, proving that careful design can turn any space into a welcoming home.

Photography courtesy of Line Architects

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- by Matt Watts