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Casa Olmo Nero: Inside Chisinau’s Elegant Two-Level Home

Modern living room with gray sectional sofa and black shelving units.

Discover the essence of modern elegance at Casa Olmo Nero, designed by Igor Schneider in 2023. Located in Chisinau, Moldova, this apartment spans two levels, offering expansive living spaces adorned with sand tones and heat-treated Black Elm decor. With panoramic windows and luxurious textures, the interior design showcases a masterful interplay of light and architectural sophistication, creating a serene yet striking living environment.

GBG Headquarters by AB+Partners

GBG Headquarters by AB+Partners

Located in the capital of Moldova, the new office space for GBG Headquarters was designed by AB+Partners in 2021.

This contemporary design emphasizes simplicity and professionalism to convey a message to clients without distracting attention. Classic frames and soft furniture were used throughout the administrative offices to add shades of nobility while creating more privacy. The result is an impressive yet comfortable work space that will inspire employees and impress customers alike.