Northern Dune by Musa Studio

Located in Chișinău, Moldova, this contemporary 860 sq ft apartment was designed by Musa Studio.

Description by Musa Studio

The initial layout led to the logical partition of this apartment. So, there is a day zone on the left hand from the entrance, and the private zone on the right hand. The entrance is isolated by sliding glass door. The open-space formula for the day zone is the best one to fit the client’s requirements of a functional and laconic space, where there are no useless elements. It consists of three zones – the living room with TV area, the kitchen with a TV-oriented bar, and the dining zone. The master bedroom provides enough space to fit a large bed, a capacious wardrobe and a cozy zone with a comfortable armchair. The bedroom is linked to the master bathroom, which is equipped with a large shower cabin. So, all the interior zones and elements are arranged in a way that would facilitate all the processes and the scenarios that are going to happen in this apartment.

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- by Matt Watts

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