GBG Headquarters by AB+Partners

Located in the capital of Moldova, the new office space for GBG Headquarters was designed by AB+Partners in 2021.

This contemporary design emphasizes simplicity and professionalism to convey a message to clients without distracting attention. Classic frames and soft furniture were used throughout the administrative offices to add shades of nobility while creating more privacy. The result is an impressive yet comfortable work space that will inspire employees and impress customers alike.

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About GBG Headquarters

Creating a Professional & Comfortable Office Space: A Design Challenge

Designing an office space that is both professional and comfortable can be a complex task. In our project, we sought to create an environment that reflected the company’s professionalism and values while providing comfort for employees. We employed a simple yet elegant design with clean lines, classic frames, soft furniture pieces, and ample storage solutions in administrative offices for added privacy.

Lighting Solutions for Comfort & Efficiency

Lighting was carefully chosen to ensure comfort and efficiency. Large windows allowed natural light to enter during work hours creating a pleasant atmosphere. Plants were also added throughout the workspace to add freshness and aesthetic appeal. Neutral tones combined with pops of vibrant color captured the desired look without sacrificing functionality or style.

Ergonomic Furniture & Ample Storage Solutions

Ergonomic furniture was selected for employee workstations so they could enjoy maximum productivity during their time in the office space. Ample storage solutions such as cabinets or closets ensured employees could keep their belongings neatly organized at all times without cluttering up common spaces such as hallways or lobbies where clients are likely to be present.

Modern Technology-Driven Features @ GBG Headquarters

Modern technology-driven features like presentation screens enabled teams across multiple locations stay connected when working remotely from home or other cities around the globe; along with full Wi-Fi coverage throughout every area of ​​the workplace which provided high speed internet connection giving employees access anytime they need it at no extra cost.

Photography courtesy of AB+Partners

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- by Matt Watts